HumpDay Quickie #62

Posted: April 8, 2015 in Hump-Day Quickies
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A Night to Remember

by Voima Oy

Hello, Pierre, are you comfortable? That’s good because I want you to relax. I’m going to be taking a little walk in your head, don’t worry, it won’t hurt. It will feel like a tickle, a summer breeze. Can you smell the salt air? Good, we’re almost there. Yes, I can see it now, the Belle-Mar Hotel, with a view of the sea. Can you see it?

We’re walking on the beach now, the pebbles are round and glistening in the sun. The sound of waves and cries of gulls. It’s a beautiful afternoon for the beach, and there are many people on the sand. Yes, I can see them, quite clearly.

There’s the world-famous conductor, you know his name, distinguished older man. He’s here with his new wife, she’s a fashion model, young enough to be his daughter. In fact, his daughter introduced them, isn’t that right? Yes, it was in all the papers. The ex-wife is a cellist, she’s staying here, too, with a new lover, he plays the violin, doesn’t he. Good one Pierre, a string quartet. But it seems the new wife doesn’t play, does she?

Now, we’re walking down the hallway of the hotel, to the honeymoon suite. You’re delivering the order of champagne. You can hear laughter all the way down the hall. My, they’re having a party in there. You hesitate to knock, but they are expecting you. The conductor answers the door.

All four of them are there. The ex-wife and the violinist are together on the love seat. They invite you to join them, but you decline.

You can see the young bride by the balcony, her black hair in disarray. What a lovely nightgown, billowing in the breeze like the curtains, her skin white as moonlight. Yes, it was a full moon that night, remember?

Do you remember the beach that night, the moon on the waves? Everything looked so vivid. You’re taking a break, smoking a cigarette, when you see the white nightgown and the streaks of blood. Try and remember, Pierre, who did you see?

How many footprints did you see, washed away by the waves?

  1. KM Zafari says:

    This is really good.

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