Hello, all. Welcome back. We’ve got two prizes to award this afternoon. I’d like to thank everybody who submitted stories this weekend, as well as Brian S. Creek and David Shakes for judging.

First up, we have Brian’s top picks.

What a great way to end the Easter Weekend; a nice quiet house, a chilled Easter egg and 18 pieces of Flash Fiction to judge.

Big thanks to all those that took part. As always it’s a pleasure to read your writings and I love seeing where different minds take the same starting point.

Honourable Mentions


I really like the casual feeling to this piece; how relaxed the main character is as they reminisce and enjoy the surrounding all the while carrying out a dastardly deed.

SANDCASTLES (Dave James Ashton)

A lot of the tales this week were sad or quiet dark. This one stood out for its humour. I’ll be honest and say that I learnt a new word today (franger). I finished the story and stumbled on this word. But, like a good punch line, once Google enlightened me, I was in stitches.

3rd place – MISSING (mariemck1)

I’ve said before that a result in a Flash Fiction contest can depend on the judge. This story is a perfect example as I found myself fully understanding the panic of the main character. Although I’ve thankfully never had to experience the heart breaking loss of a child, I don’t think this one would have resonated as much with me had I not been a parent.

It’s well written, well-paced and I love the counting of the minutes at the end; the incredible speed in which something can go horrible wrong.

2nd place – MANHUNT (Alicia VanNoy Call)

If you know my writing then you know it’s difficult for me to produce a story without some kind of sci-fi angle. I enjoyed reading MANHUNT because it felt like a story I would have written.

Of course that wasn’t the only great thing about it. The writing was excellent too. The author crams in just enough about the tech to illuminate us with it being an info dump. The last line shows the confidence the main character has. He/she doesn’t panic, doesn’t complain. They’re on the run and that’s all there is. The reader is left like a witness to the event; this three minute oddity is all they see with no idea who the person suddenly appearing is or where they go next. Brilliant.

And your Round 62 FLASH MASTER is…


Voima Oy


This one screamed winner the second I finished it. I can’t help but love a story that forces a characters voice into my head. This piece with its fantastic dialogue did just that.

Everything comes across in the voice; the character starts in a relaxing manner (“It will feel like a tickle, a summer breeze”) and throws around conversation regarding the evening in question (“My, they’re having a party in there”). But there comes a little impatience towards the end as the purpose of the regression is revealed (Try and remember, Pierre, who did you see?).

This is a well-executed story.

Congratulations, Voima! Your story will be featured as tomorrow’s HumpDay Quickie!

And now for our second award.

 The golden ticket entries were read and judged by FlashDog David Shakes.


My winner is ‘A Little Off The Edges’ by Blackburn. A subtle tale that offers more on second reading. Disarmingly simple, there’s a lot to glean between the lines too. The small details pack quite an emotional punch in a way that was entirely different from the other three. Relationships, world views and surfing. Plus, they’re right – worldwide the blue sea glass is the sweetest find!

Congratulations Blackburn!

There is already talk of a Flash Dogs Anthology Volume 3, so if you’re not on deck for Volume 2 don’t fret. Keep participating in flash challenges (The Angry Hourglass, Flash! Friday, Finish That Thought, Micro Bookends, Luminous Creatures, Flash Mob, etc…), use the #flashdogs hashtag, and keep being part of the online flash fiction community.

That’s all for this week. Next weekend Rebekah Postupak of Flash! Friday fame will be joining us as judge. Hope to see you all there.

  1. Cath Barton says:

    Many congratulations to the winners. I’m disappointed not to get a Golden Ticket of course, but I’ll keep trying!

  2. zevonesque says:

    Nice to see Blackburn win the Golden Ticket, but not beat Liverpool today. 😉

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