Round 61: Winners

Posted: April 1, 2015 in Winners
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Hello friends. No, sadly the delay was not an elaborate April Fool’s Day Prank, but rather an example of why I’m not a circus performer: I stink at juggling. You however, didn’t drop any balls with regards to the stories submitted last weekend. Many thanks to drmagoo for judging the stories this round, and because this is late, we’ll just cut to the chase:

Second Runner-Up: If You Can Believe It, by caseyrosefrank. A wee slip of a story, it started off silly, but drew me in. By the time I neared the end, the line “Occasionally a hoof skids across a stone protruding from the earth and something like sparks fly.” hooked me hard. There’s magic out there, but sometimes we have to look in unexpected places for it.

First Runner-Up: Spring Lambs, by voimaoy. Two stories in one, really, the sweet tale of a young couple beginning a new life mingling with the hint of something darker. I can’t help but root for Mike and Nina, but I fear for the new lamb.

And your Round 61 FLASH MASTER is…


Rebekah Postupak

with Eden

Oh, how I loved this story. What would being stranded on a deserted island do to you? Would you keep faith with the life you’d lost? Would you make do? Would you go crazy? All of the above? So much story told in so few words. You know Steph and Hector, and you can feel the challenges they face. Well done.

Congratulations, Rebekah. Your story will be posted shortly as today’s HumpDay Quickie!

Thanks again, drmagoo for judging. Next week, Brian S. Creek is back to try his hand at judging. Remember, folks – next weekend in addition to Flash Master Glory, there will be an opportunity to win a Flash Dogs 2 Anthology Golden Ticket. So be sure to check in on Saturday and tell all those roaming Flash Dogs that opportunity awaits. See you all on Saturday. 🙂


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