HumpDay Quickie #61

Posted: April 1, 2015 in Hump-Day Quickies
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by Rebekah Postupak

The first few weeks on the island blurred, later, in her memory. Mostly Steph remembered fear: fear of not being rescued, fear of monsters in the night, fear of the dark-eyed man she’d washed ashore with, and a vague, dark fear from Before that she couldn’t quite name. Hector, for his part, appeared too practical for such fears. Steph had watched in secret loathing as he threw himself uncomplainingly into constructing shelters and foraging for food. Whether he judged her for having spent those first weeks sniffling, scraping giant “HELP” signs in the sand, and suggesting countless improvements to his architecture, she never knew; his few words to her were only ever kind.

At some point—she couldn’t have said exactly when—she started calling him Adam, first as a joke, and then eventually because it suited. He hunted iguanas and improved their shelters; he (clumsily) sheared mountain sheep and knotted warm, if unglamorous, blankets for them, all while she kept eyes on the horizon. Adam fit perfectly.

“And I’m your Eve,” she said in her sultriest tone one night over the supper fire.

Hector shook his head, bemused and twisting the gold ring on his left hand; he did not answer aloud. Nor did he call her anything but Steph.

Time passed.

“You look tired; share my blanket, Adam?” she said, running her fingers lightly across his back. He did look tired; his own fault, working so crazy all the time.

“No, thank you.” His gold ring trembled but held fast.

Time passed.

“C’mon, Adam. Don’t you love me more than her?”

The gold ring glinted back.

Time passed.

“She’s forgotten you by now, Adam.”

Gold ring, gold ring, gold ring. She hated it more than she had hated anything in her life.

Time passed.

“We are never getting rescued,” she said. “You’re Adam; I’m Eve. Why can’t you forget your stupid wife?”

Hector’s dark eyes stared back, so stupidly kind, so incomprehensibly faithful, and the old nameless fear inched up her neck like a dozen tiny scorpions.

But, “There were more in Eden than Adam and Eve,” was all Hector said, turning the fat snake on the spit.

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