Round 59: Winners

Posted: March 17, 2015 in Winners
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Hello again! It was brought to my attention as I was enjoying some lovely apple pie flavored adult beverages this weekend that Pi Day is an “America-centric” holiday. I guess I’d never considered that before, but whether or not you celebrated this nerdtastic holiday, I hope everybody had a wonderful weekend. It was definitely a wonderful weekend for flash fiction, and, as usual, I felt no envy for this week’s judge. Many thanks to Voima Oy for her continued dedication as both writer and judge for The Angry Hourglass. You’ll find her comments below:

Greetings, writers.  Happy pi and pie day, and thank you all for your  wonderful stories.  The photo prompt inspired quite an amazing variety and I really enjoyed reading them.  All so good!   Here are my comments—

Easy as (Apple) Pie (Recipe)  by Josh Bertetta—No, this is not a usual pie recipe– I love how this story makes  you consider how things are connected, the implications of ordinary reality. It is huge in a cosmic sense. 

Nice Slice by Steven Stucko– I love how pi was  incorporated in this story, and how well the passage of time was conveyed. A story of true passion, and a beautiful last line. 

Porcine by Steph Ellis–this story starts out dark, and gets darker. Great descriptions–“barely touched meals…the starving kitchen boy” paint a dystopian and horrifying picture. And what a cruel, cruel twist!

Demand and Supply by Steven Stucko–This story is so sinister, the Bakery and its special ingredients–how the menace builds but the truth is unsaid. Chilling.  Powerful work.

Pie Day by Geoff Holme–Excellent storytelling, with real warmth and humor, it’s almost like a folktale. So clever!  Loved the language, and the dialogue.

Blood Orange Pie by Diane Hays–Great details, the cardinal, the ice storm, a Friday night  with the pie and TV remote to set the scene. Love the fake postcard, and  the last line!  

Hard to Beat by David Shakes–This story is heartbreaking. “I’ve less years than the peaks on that tart, but I’ve been discarded.” The evocative details–the winter coat, the waiting family. He feels out of place, but the girl behind the counter smiles warmly. There is such sweetness and beauty in the moment, and  tomorrow?

TISWAS by Sal Paige–you don’t need to know that this was a kids’ show, but I looked it up–Today is Saturday, Watch and Smile–first I read it as  “this was” –remembering the good times together.  I love the description of the pie fight! And the ending is just beautiful–“like we had it all to come.” 

Pi Pie Electric Sky by F. E. Clark– I love how this story incorporated pi and pie–From fear and endless coffee and a gray place of broken circles, to “Mary, she bakes strong magic” and what a sweet epiphany!

The Ratio of Life’s Circumference by D.B.Foy–I love the title, and the story of this loving couple, their life together full circle. Such wonderful lines-“moments never repeat, dear. ” Beautiful connection, pie  and pi.

I’m sorry You don’t See It” by Casey Case  Rose– This story is so charming, wonderful writing–“beautifully deceptive art of becoming something else” — and this line–“your tart is a congregation of pixies!”  Fabulous!

The Bakery by Carlos–This contemporary artist is so misunderstood–catering to a customer who buys the pie as some kind of joke, and her friend who doesn’t appreciate her work. But who will have the last laugh here? I hope her bake shop is a big success.

A Familiar Enemy by Amy Wood–This is such a powerful story. I felt so sad for him. I like that the main character is a boy instead of a girl starving for unrealistic ideals of beauty.  “It took guts to be a size zero male model”– I hope it doesn’t kill him.

The Silver Ticket by Mark A. King–Here’s a story that draws you in, unsuspecting. Such sinister fun…Then, a dark turn and this perfectly terrifying line–“I heard the sound of the gates closing.”  Noooooooo! 

Pastry by Jacki Donnellan–How do you write a line like this–“Dad? Dad? Tom will call, as he searches the house; as I fill my pie dish with sizzling flesh”— Masterful horror!

Weekly Solutions by Catherine Connolly–This is such an imaginative take–I love the interchange of Honey, Lemon and Olive, making the week. “A very Monday Monday” “Save the sweet for Friday” — so delightful and surreal!

The Weekend by Marie McKay–A big story in this attempt to connect and have some imaginative fun with his little boy. The back and forth dialogue rings so true.  The ending is really haunting, 2 slices in one bowl…  

Well, I know you’re all hungry for the winners–so, here they are–

Special Mentions–

Blood Orange Pie by Diane Hays–best final line on a postcard

Demand and Supply by Steven Stucko–best special ingredient

Honorable Mentions–

Pastry by Jacki Donnellan–most sinister recipe

Weekly Solutions by Catherine Connolly–delicious and surreal

Hard to Beat by David Shakes–beautiful, heartbreaking, hopeful 

2nd runner Up—I’m Sorry You Don’t See It by Casey Case Rose–charm, strangeness and pixies! 

1st runner up–TISWAS by Sal Paige–a pie fight, and life and death,  with laughter and tears.  

and our Round 59 FLASH MASTER is…


Josh Bertetta

with Easy as (Apple) Pie (Recipe)

for a mind-expanding story of cosmic proportions. 

Congratulations, Josh! Your story will be featured as Wednesday’s HumpDay Quickie! Please contact me here with any bio information, publications, links to personal sites, or any other information you would like to appear on your winner’s page.

Next time, this week’s runner up and two-time FLASH MASTER Sal Page will be stepping up to judge your entries. Hope to see you all there. 🙂


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