Round 58: Winners

Posted: March 10, 2015 in Winners
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Hello again, friends. I’d like to throw out a quick apology for forgetting to mention that last Sunday was the first day of daylight savings time in the US, causing most of our clocks to “Spring Forward” an hour. If you have found yourself racing to beat the clock in the past, please take a moment to check the world clock (link always available on the RULES page) to double check the time difference. Our judge this weekend was Jaime Burchardt, many thanks to him for reading the stories and shouldering the difficult task of choosing a winner. His top picks are below:

First off I want to thank everyone who participated in this contest. Ashwin Rao, you took one hell of a challenging picture to inspire our writers, so thank you for that. Everyone’s approach brought a smile on my face, but alas, there can only be o—wait, three!

To Josh Bertetta, Marie McKay, and Foy, you all had solid stories. The rest of you, keep it up!

On to my top three…

RUNNER UP: “His Master’s Voice” by Brian Creek. It’s the shortest one of the bunch put it packs the most punch. It’s to-the-point with its intent, and the final words mercilessly wrap up this mental tale nicely.

RUNNER UP: “Jailhouse Blues” by F.E. Clark. Close your eyes and listen to his story. This one’s my personal favorite in terms of just getting the idea of flash writing down pat: use your limited time to tell a seemingly expansive tale. I almost wish this was an audio tale.

And your Round 58 FLASH MASTER is…


Voima Oy

with “Modern Vintage”

Not only does the story best emulate the picture, but it’s told in such an affectionate way that it nearly broke me down. It’s all carefully constructed, and the confidence it has in itself to end the way it does is breathtaking. This is also a prime example of an author who’s only going to get better.

Congratulations, Voima! Your story will be featured as tomorrow’s HumpDay Quickie! The lovely and talented Ms. Voima Oy will returning next week as The Angry Hourglass’s presiding judge. Many thanks to everybody who submitted stories this past weekend; I hope to see you all next weekend as well.


  1. joshbertetta says:

    Congrats Voima. Well deserved, as always

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