HumpDay Quickie #57

Posted: March 4, 2015 in Hump-Day Quickies
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A Sticky Situation

by Sal Page

Wed 7th May
When I first met Toby I thought we were friends. We had some good chats up by the swings on the green. Then he palled up with stupid-named Suds and turned against me. I’ve had enough now. They call me skank and tramp and worse. Things Mum calls no-no words. And I’m not a slag either. What did I do?

Thurs 8th May
Me and Uncle Ben went to the hardware shop. I told him I had to mend Mum’s jug before she gets back from Spain so we bought stuff to fix it. Buy one get one free. Didn’t go online all day. Scared what they might’ve posted.

Fri 9th May
I didn’t want to look. I couldn’t help it. I still want to go on Facebook, especially since the twins moved away. Suds had posted a pic of me, tagged me and Toby and all his mates. He put words in my mouth I never said. Words I’d never say. They’re all laughing at me with yellow smileys and lol’s and hahahahahaha’s. I can’t take it.
13 texts at 4 AM. Switched phone off. How did Suds get my number?

The Gazette
A Sticky Situation
Two boys, aged thirteen and fifteen, were found today super-glued to the sports centre wall. Watched by a crowd of almost a hundred people, they were there for several hours. The older boy was glued by his elbows, phone in hands, and also by his face and feet and the younger by one foot and his hair. Acetone and cutting apparatus were obtained and the boys, who are yet to be named, were released by paramedics. It is unclear how this happened but police are investigating.

Saturday 10th May
Haha. I did it. Well, WE did it! Couldn’t have done it without my girls. Back for the weekend visiting their Gran. Suds was too busy looking at his phone and Toby was peering through the glass. They think that’s where the women’s changing room is and they can see through the glass wall. As if!
Don’t care about the police. They can do what they like. It was worth it.

  1. stevenstucko says:

    Clever concept Sal. Nicely done.

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