HumpDay Quickie #56

Posted: February 25, 2015 in Hump-Day Quickies
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Closing Time

by Brian S. Creek


“Another day, another dollar,” says Frank.

“Same again tomorrow,” I say as I wipe down the counter.

He chuckles. “And so it goes.”

“I’ll rinse the ash trays and call it a night if that’s okay?”

“Of course, dear. And thanks again for helping out. Don’t know what I’d do without you.” He heads back out to the kitchen.

I wander out among the red and white chequered sea of tables and start collecting up ash trays. I think about which microwavable treat I’ll enjoy alone tonight when there’s a ding-a-ling from the bell announcing a visitor. Why does someone always drift in around closing?

“Sorry, kitchen’s closed,” I call out, “All I have is coffee and day old Danish.” I wonder if this is the man I dream about, the millionaire who’ll whisk me away from this hard life and treat me like a princess. I grab the last ashtray and turn only to find a scruffy looking drifter standing at the far end of the counter. He’s holding a gun.

“What do you want?” My chattering teeth match time with the clinking ashtrays in my hands.

“I’ll take one of those Danishes and all the money in your register.”

I nod vigorously, I’m not gonna argue down the barrel of a gun. Frank’s insured. I’m not. I dump the ashtrays and move back behind the counter. The drifter slides along so he’s right in front of me.

“Empty it,” he says.

I open the register and grab the notes, placing the day’s takings on the counter. That’s when Frank comes though the kitchen door.

“Did I hear another customer?”

The sound of the gunshot pummels my chest. I scream as Frank wheels back through the now blood stained door.

The gunman grabs all the money and fills his jacket pockets. He raises the gun to my head as I say a prayer.

“My mother was called Maria,” he says, pointing to my name badge. “Your lucky day.” He turns and flees.

I look down at the badge that saved my life, Maria’s badge, the one I borrowed this morning because I’d lost mine.

My lucky day.

  1. Wow! This brought me right into the story. Love it!

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