Hump Day Quickie #54

Posted: February 11, 2015 in Hump-Day Quickies
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The Sphynx of Samsara
by Voima Oy

Beneath the crowds and plazas of New City was the Old City, and beneath that was the Pedway, also called the Catacombs. It looked medieval, and it was indeed very old, from before they figured out how to program the weather. It was raining in the plazas this week, brooding and introspective and it suited his mood. Harris lit a cigarette as he went down the subway stairs.

He was going all the way down, through the Catacombs, where the shadow people and the mutants lived. Lost souls came down here, often. Sometimes, they met guys with names like Jimmy the Weasel and Top Dog. He hoped he wouldn’t run into them this time.

Part of the Catacombs was a bustling neon-lit bazaar, with signs for all sorts of delights. Harris ignored the fox and mink girls who were giving him the eye. He was looking for a certain place, a certain face. He came at last to the part of the Catacombs that was not so brightly lit.

“Welcome to Samsara,” she said. She was a tabby girl, with golden eyes. “What brings you back, Detective?”

“I’m looking for someone. Maybe you know who I mean?”

“Not for me, surely?” She smiled sharp teeth, and he remembered not so gentle biting.

“For you, Rosie,” he smiled, too. ” I came here for you. But first, I need to find the Sphynx.”

“Why would you want me?” The Sphynx was old and wrinkled, her green eyes clouded with cataracts. “You handsome, pretty handsome, man. Is that mustache in style Up There now? I like it.” she purred seductively.

“I’ve heard things,” Harris said. “I have questions.”

“I don’t have answers. What do you want to know?”

“You’ve been saying things about the City. The Mayor is becoming concerned.”

The Sphynx laughed. “Why should he worry. No one believes me.”

“Believe me, they do.”

“What, that this world is hollow? That none of this is real? Welcome to Samsara, Detective Harris. You should stay here, stay with Rosie. Be happy in your one short life. I’ve lived many other lives before this. I’ve breathed among the clouds. New City’s days are numbered.”


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