Round 54: Winners

Posted: February 10, 2015 in Winners
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Hello, friends. Who knew one tunnel could lead to so many places? I find myself once again humbled by the quality of writing you submit in such a short period of time. You guys inspire me to be a better writer.

I’d like to thank Brian S. Creek for judging this weekend. You’ll find his comments below.

Seven months ago I discovered Flash Fiction, and thanks to three weekly contests I currently participate in, I’ve been enjoying it ever since.  As well as writing my own stories I also love digging into to what the community has laid out each week and seeing where other minds have taken the same starting point.

But where I can dip in and dip out, those poor judges must read through everything offered to them and (the hardest part) pick out the cream of the crop. It’s a role I’ve very much respected and never envied.

And now I know how it feels.

Big thank you to Rebecca for asking me to judge this week (it’s nice to have the whole experience and now I’m not scared to try it again) and a big thanks to everyone who put a story forward.

Here we go . . .

3rd place – AND THEN (Casey Rose Frank)
This started slow and I didn’t really have a feel for it at first. But after Beryl talks about the bottles lining the corridor and what they represent it all clicked and I went straight back to the start to better enjoy the tale. Such an original take on the afterlife; nicely done.

2nd place – HER DOORS UNLOCKED (Catherine Connolly)
This story had me from the second Ellie opened her mouth. Her dialogue does a brilliant job at bringing out her condition. I was content with this just being a conversation between doctor and patient but then it ramped up with a chilling finale. Great work.

And the round 54 FLASH MASTER is..


Voima Oy



The first three paragraphs paint an awesome picture of the Pedway, the world beneath our world. I could have read more; the description and atmosphere just pulled me in. And then the characters arrive and you feel like you’ve known these characters for a lot longer. Great world building, great characters, and great dialogue. Loved this (and want more – this screams for a novel).

Congratulations, Voima! Your story will be featured as Wednesday’s HumpDay Quickie! Next weekend either drmagoo or I will be judging (depending on his commitments at the lovely Flash! Friday). Hope to see you all there. 🙂



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