HumpDay Quickie #53

Posted: February 4, 2015 in Hump-Day Quickies
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by drmagoo

“Gervin played here, back in the day. Iceman, Pearl, even Magic – though he was in disguise. I’d come out here every Saturday night around ten, ten-thirty and watch the best ball you’ve ever seen.”

“You saw The Condor, too, Grandpa? Momma said you took her once.”

“That I did, Tevin. The best of all of them. Could shoot from anywhere. One handed dunks you wouldn’t believe. He woulda set all the records – distance, defense, rebounding. All of em.”

“If it wasn’t for the Ants?”

“Yeah. If it wasn’t for them. Mind your mouth, though, boy – your momma would skin me alive if she knew I let you talk bad about them.”

“I’d never tell! Cross my heart, hope to spawn!”

“I know you wouldn’t. You’re a good kid. You’d make something of yourself – a doctor, lawyer, teacher – something like that, if you still could. But they have ways, and you’re still a kid. Don’t let them know.”

“Billy says he’s gonna sign up with the rebellion. As soon as he’s thirteen – he can pass for fifteen now, but they check papers.”

“He says that, does he? That kid’s got a big damned mouth.”

“He’s serious! And I’m gonna –“

“Don’t tell me what you’re gonna do, boy! I told you, they have ways. Keep your mouth shut about that.”

“I ain’t no coward!”

“Ain’t about coward or brave, Tevin. About smart. About fighting the battle that needs fighting, not the one you want to fight. Look – kid like you, smart, strong, good heart – you get these hormones running in you, telling you it’s time to be a man, and all that smarts and heart goes out the window. You’ll have your day – if you let it be. Get it?”

“I get it. I think.”

“Ah, hell, Tevin. I wish sure as hell we could be at the game now, ‘stead of sitting here looking at cracked blacktop and broken backboards. C’mon. I brought you down here for a reason. Look in that bag.”

“A ball? Where’d you find it?”

“Never you mind. Let’s go down there, and I’ll show you some moves even the Condor didn’t have.”


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