HumpDay Quickie #52

Posted: January 28, 2015 in Hump-Day Quickies
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In the Lost Corner of the World

by Casey Rose Frank

They say there is a place, across the water, farther than most men are willing to brave, where you can live in harmony with the universe.

When you land upon the shores stones rise from the depths of the water to provide a path for your feet to find the land.

You can feel the hum of the sands as they rearrange themselves in swirls to discuss the places from where they came, the rocks they once belonged to.

As you walk into the tall, lush forest you hear sighs as the trees begin to know you. A leaf brushes upon your cheek like the hand of an old grandmother happy to see your face again.

The ground begins to swell, rising toward the sky and as you follow it upward you see branches baring fruit that smell like your childhood, a branch unfurling a long green tendril to deposit one of its orbs into your hand.

You carry it, running your fingers over the thin skin, feeling the last memories of sunlight pulse beneath the surface.

When you reach the top of the hill, the trees transitioning to thin grasses and wise rocks, you discover that the tiniest stars of the sky have descended to this place. They hover near the hilltop, like fireflies on hot summer nights, and whisper stories about the other worlds they have seen. At first it makes you yearn to see them, but then the cooling balm of their details satisfy your wonder and your wanderlust.

A sense of tiredness settles upon you, you have journeyed farther than any man after all, and you walk back down the hill to soft mosses. While you lay down on verdant beds, you can hear the earth’s slow smile as you understand the thing that never truly sleeps.

You would have to live as the solitary human here, to know the secrets and be in peace with the universe. The water doesn’t know the jealousies of man, nor the rocks and grasses. You’d have to keep it that way.

But it does sound like a grand adventure…
if you’re brave enough to untie your boat and leave.

  1. Geoff Holme says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful…

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