Round 52: Winners

Posted: January 27, 2015 in Winners
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Hello again, friends. I almost had to skip my run this afternoon because there are a few rabid flash dogs out there. 😉 What can I say? You guys motivate me in more ways than one. I did manage to squeeze in my run (flash dogs gotta get out and go for a walk once in a while), and now, as promised, here are the results. Many thanks to Jaime for his time and efforts.

First off I want to thank everyone who participated in this contest. This particular image left a lot of room for the mind to play, and the best I could hope for were radically different view points. I believe I got just that.

To Amy Wood, Sal Page, Bart Van Goethem, and necwrites, you all had solid stories. The rest of you, keep it up!

On to my top three…

“Reelistic Crimes” by Catherine Connolly. This is probably my favorite example of how a simple image can open up a new deranged world of possibilities. It’s energetic, willing to be a bit maniacal and it has a sleazily smile-inducing ending. Good show,

“Curiosity Killed The Mariners” by Foy. Giddy might not be the most appropriate response to this story, but I couldn’t freaking help it. Huge kudos go out for building up the intrigue and mystery of the narrator to suddenly taking it in a lively turn.

Your Round 52 Flash Master is…


Casey Rose Frank

“In the Lost Corner of the World”

I was hoping & expecting for different and wild ways a story could be told from a rope’s image. Wasn’t quite expecting something beautiful. Definitely wasn’t expecting something powerful. Casey’s story is majestic and it left me with a celestial feeling; I didn’t want to leave what she created. My favorite story from Mrs. Frank so far.

Congratulations Casey! Your story will be featured as tomorrow’s HumpDay quickie. Bart Van Goethem has graciously volunteered to judge next weekend’s challenge. Same Flash Frenzy time Same Flash Frenzy channel.

January Flash Masters be sure to keep an eye on you Twitter inboxes, I’ll be soliciting you for February judging duty soon. 


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