Round 50: Winners

Posted: January 13, 2015 in Winners
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Happy Tuesday, FlashDogs. Many thanks to those of you who wrote for Round 50, and many thanks to Voima Oy for volunteering to judge. You’ll find her generous comments below as well as her top picks. 

Greetings, everybody!  I am  awed and humbled by the talent on display here. The photo suggested so many things, and these stories really show the wonderful  possibilities and range of flash fiction.  Thank you all for these amazing tales.

Here are my comments–

“The Last photo of Humanity” by Patrick Stahl– What a  great take on the photo. It is so vivid and descriptive, and there’s a lot to tell, in so few words. I also applaud how you  used the blobs of light. And those last lines–bravo!

“You will See Some Magic” by Casey Rose Frank– The language and voice here is wonderful.  It sparkles and shimmers and snaps.  Science fiction, fantasy–magic, indeed.  This is a truly marvelous tale.

“The Soul Catcher” by Mark A. King–The story here is very old–and the voice is sublime–describing the feast of images–from water and mirrors  to technicolor and instamatic  (“watching a soul come to life”)  to the tech of today. The future implications are ominous with Google Glass. Yes, it scares me, too.

“Tipping” by Brett Milam–This is intense and visceral description.  I could  see and taste it. The last line is so full of despair. The last word, empty.  Such vivid and powerful writing.  Please consider sending this (or a version of this) to Synaesthesia Mag ‏@SynaesthesiaMag. Their current theme is “Eating.”

“Seeing things” by Brian Creek–The dialogue here is really well-done, and I could see this story so clearly. Very spooky atmosphere, like the opening of an X-Files episode, and I  mean that as the highest praise. Well-done.

“Black and White Pictures” by A.J. Walker—Really scary, like the best kind of horror movie–so vivid and descriptive. I like the play on black and white, light to dark and the final fade to black.  So good.

“The Battle” by Stella– The double, the other, who is this ghost  in the selfie?  This is really scary stuff.  A real Twilight Zone feel as well. Haunting, indeed.  “I did not want to kill again so soon.” More, please.

“The Companion” by Marie McKay–I very much like the premise of this story, and how much you can convey in so few words. The phone friend  is an uncanny  presence. “One last time” has a very ominous feel.  There is more to this story.

“Doubly Exposed” by Catherine Connolly–Here the dialogue is really effective, and reveals the relationship –the disconnect between the  two characters, and the triangle with the missing one. Is she trapped in the space between?   More to this story, too…

“Under the Same Moon”– I love the idea of the moon-sharing app and the possibilities of connection, both online and between the father and daughter. This is really a charming story. Wonderful writing.

Untitled by drmagoo– The title, or lack thereof,  also contributes to the anonymity of the spy– no face, no name. I like the almost offhand tone  here, describing his dangerous mission, the nondescript phone, the secret codes, his fabricated life.  And I really admire how he comes to his decision to toss the phone.  Well-done!

“Selfie” by Rebekah Postupak–The dialogue  reveals what’s going on, here–two friends sharing photos. Kate seems to be living vicariously through these family photos–but she’s not in the pictures–and we don’t  even find  out her name until far along in the story. Can her friend  help Kate come to terms with herself?   This is really a beautiful, haunting story.

Thank you again for such wonderful tales. Here are my picks—

 Special Mentions

“Under the Same Moon” Carlos –for a charming story of connection–and a great idea for an app.

“Seeing Things” Brian S. Creek–for a spooky story and excellent  dialogue. 

 “Untitled” drmagoo–for showing a character coming to life.

 “You Will See Some Magic” Casey Case Rose–for a marvelous story and magical writing.

Honorable Mentions–

“The Last Photo of Humanity”  Patrick Stahl–for a big story in so few words.

“Selfie” by Rebekah Postupak–for a haunting story of self and others, and life and death.

And our Round 50 FLASH MASTER is…


Mark A. King

with “The Soul Catcher” 

A beautifully  written  tale of possession that spans the ages, and invokes a frightening  future.  It’s truly sublime.

Congratulations, Mark! Your story will be featured as Wednesday’s HumpDay Quickie! Please contact me here with any bio information, publications, links to personal sites, or any other information you would like to appear on your winner’s page.


Next weekend, I will be stepping in to judge round 51. However, I am on call over the long holiday weekend and results may post late depending on how many times my pagers goes off—fair warning. I hope you all have a lovely week and we’ll see you again on Saturday! 

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