Round 49: Winners

Posted: January 5, 2015 in Winners
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Greetings, friends. As I was perusing the interwebs last night, I came across the following quote:

“Write a short story every week. It’s not possible to write 52 bad short stories in a row.” – Ray Bradbury

Because this is close to one of my 2015 writing goals, and because I was feeling a bit displeased with the story I had just finished, I posted the quote on Twitter and tagged my fellow #flashdogs. It wasn’t meant as a direct challenge, more of a reminder that there are good things ahead, but if it were meant as a challenge, at least 12 of us would be 1/52 of the way there! 😀

Many thanks to the writers who contributed stories this weekend, and thanks to Amy Wood for volunteering to judge this round of Flash Frenzy. You’ll find her comments and top picks below.

Thank you to everyone who wrote this week, as always it was an absolute pleasure to read your wonderfully varied tales.

You Don’t Need Wings to Fly – Patrick Stahl

Such a lovely, old-fashioned fairy tale. It gave me a warm glow to think that Alyssa – despite thinking she’s freak because of her lack of wings – finds someone who can see past that and appreciate her for who she is, not what she looks like.

Untitled – drmagoo

Beautiful and sad. A really good demonstration of how much can be crammed into 360 words, without going over the top. ‘She was beautiful in the night’ – lovely line.

Reflections – zevonesque

Ooh, ouch. Poor Terri. Love is never easy and unrequited love is maybe the worst of all. I really like this line ‘soothing chaotic kaleidoscope of reflections’ – it perfectly describes that moment of first seeing bright neon lights reflected on water. Great work.

The Time Traveller – Mark A King

Wow, what a story. This really packed a punch. I wasn’t expecting Bethany’s accident, masterful ‘twist in the tale’ writing there. Brilliant little story. I hope the father manages to find her alive this time.

Crazy Legs – Catherine Connolly

Fantastic descriptions! I can see that roller disco so clearly in my mind, all the faded paint on the skate wheels and the lurid legwarmers. You managed to make me feel like I was there in the middle of things, it’s amazing. Really lovely writing.

What’s In a Name? – Voimaoy

Lovely writing as always. I love the line ‘bruises are temporary tattoos’ – reminds me of my martial arts training, sometimes the bruises are as pride-inducing as actual tats. You evoke a wonderful sense of camaraderie between the girls, wild at night and incredibly normal during the day. Great story.

Roll Back – Brian S Creek

Time Skates! I want a pair! What a brilliantly original take on the prompt. I absolutely loved this story. ‘Time won’t even know I’ve been there’ – I like the idea that Time is almost a sentient being in itself. Fantastic writing.

…To Spite The Face – Foy

Wow, this was hard-hitting and no mistake. Teenage rebellion is a thing of wonder and Laci has taken it to the next level. Not an easy read and worryingly true-to-life but masterful storytelling. ‘The wind is spiteful’ – yes, that’s the perfect way to describe a cutting January wind, good line.

Skatey Katey – Stella KateT

Aw, poor Skatey Katey, trying to escape a family which is really no good for her. Wonderful story, it really proves how much can be said in a very small number of words.

Nemeses – Rebekah Postupak

Unicorns and dragons, oh my! I love a good fantasy tale and this ticked all the boxes. Excellent as always from you.

Works Every Time – necwrites

Even though this was just for fun and outside the deadline, it deserves a comment of its own. What a wonderful tale. I love the way you used Beatrice’s age as starting point for each paragraph, charting her life and the way it’s woven around her love of skating. I’m cheering for her as she pushes off at the end as well, go Beatrice, go! Had this been within the deadline, it would have made the podium for sure.

And now for the winners!

Second Runner up – You Don’t Need Wings to Fly by Patrick Stahl. This lovely feel-good story makes me smile each time I read it. Very nicely done.

First Runner up – Reflections by Zevonesque. Poor Terri. Waiting so long for Mal to make a move and then losing out in the end. Unrequited love, so damned painful. Great writing, lovely turns of phrase, well deserving a place on the podium.

Our First FlashMaster of 2015 is…


Brian S Creek

Roll Back


As soon as I read this I loved it. Such a brilliantly original take on the prompt, I’d love to read more about this world where roller skates can propel people back and forth in time. (Can I hold out hope for a longer story some day? Please?) Fabulous use of the prompt picture, thank you for sharing it with us, Brian!

Congratulations, Brian! Your story will be featured as Wednesday’s HumpDay Quickie! Please contact me here with any bio information, publications, links to personal sites, or any other information you would like to appear on your winner’s page.

I’m still looking for volunteers to judge Flash Frenzy Rounds 50 and 51; so for now, that position remains TBA. Regardless of who finds themselves in the hot seat, a new prompt will be ready and waiting for hungry flashdogs this Saturday. Hope to see you there.


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