Round 48: Winners

Posted: December 16, 2014 in Winners
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Hello, Friends.

This last post will be a short one. The Angry Hourglass will be taking a break this weekend and next to celebrate Christmas. The last week of December there will be open voting for the second Flash Face Off, and a new year of flash fiction will commence the first weekend in January.

I just want to thank everyone who has participated at The Angry Hourglass this year. Writers. Judges. Readers. All of you. You are amazing, wonderful people, and I am so glad to count myself among your ranks. Long live the #flashdogs!

Special thanks to Jaime Burchardt for judging this weekend. His comments can be found below.


I want to thank everyone who participated and showed off their talents. Guys and gals, this was not easy. At all. But here I go…

3rd Place: Amy Wood – Wrong Place, Wrong Time:  This one was rough around the edges. The words are so sure of itself, and it’s that confidence that made it stand out among others. This story wanted nothing more than to reach the punchline, and normally that’s not a good thing. This time it’s the rarity.

2nd Place: Catherine Connolly – A Moment in Time: I absolutely fell in love with the dialogue, first off. It made the entire story feel at ease, and gave me a sense of joy. It’s clever without reaching or trying to be something more, and the ending is especially charming.



Voima Oy

with Gate 43

I found myself reading this one a lot, letting the words string together a surely surreal atmosphere. It read like an episode of The Twilight Zone that decided to take a day off from being scary and decided to just relax.

Congratulations, Voima! Your story will be featured as tomorrow’s HumpDay Quickie. Thanks once again to Jaime for judging. We’ll see you all after the holidays!

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