HumpDay Quickie #47

Posted: December 10, 2014 in Hump-Day Quickies
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The Perfect Job

by StellakateT

I was in meltdown like the snow at the side of the stream. To be fair I was always in meltdown whatever the season. If I wasn’t fretting the small stuff the large stuff was chasing me with big cudgels in my nightmares. I was a bundle of neuroses but no one knew neither my friends nor my perfect fiance and certainly not my boss. He seemed to delight on insisting that I met the impossible deadlines. I’d smile, grit my teeth and achieve.

I dragged his body from the boot of my tiny little car. I’m still amazed I managed to squeeze his frame into it. Thank God for his scrawny, tiny stature. He looked quite peaceful for someone that has experienced major trauma, death. I smoothed his hair back into the fashionable style he liked to wear. That much I could do for him. I left him sitting on the little bench at the side of the calming water, well it helped to calm me. When I feel at the height of my anxiety I imagine myself sitting beside water listening to its rhythm as it flows towards the sea. I’d put the best ever suicide note in his pocket. My many talents never failed to impress me. Maybe I should think about writing a bestseller.

At the funeral, his mother noisily sobbed. It took all my time not to shush her. I held her hand tightly and sobbed myself with restrained decorum. I read the eulogy with the accomplishment of a Shakespearian actress. Maybe I should audition for The RSC.

The wake was inspirational; he held my hand promising me the earth once I’d grieved. I need to google the appropriate time I can stop the pretense and marry my boss.

  1. Rosalind Nazilli says:

    Love it. Exactly my type of FF. Truly I can’t tell you how much it pleases me to read someone with the same warped imagination as my own…xx

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