Round 47: Winners

Posted: December 9, 2014 in Winners
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Hello, and happy Tuesday. It’s time again to announce winners, but before I do that, I’d like to say thanks to Grace Black for stepping into the role of judge this past weekend and undertaking the challenging task of choosing those winners. So, thank you, Grace. And now, her comments and final judgement:

Wow, so many sinister tales this week! Lots of juicy reading. I was thrilled to have had opportunity to read each entry and judge your carefully crafted words.

Nothing like a childhood adventure to bring siblings closer together. Robert the stuffed donkey ruling with his iron (plush) hoof is hilarious and creepy all in one! Well done.

Snow Blindness:
The framework chosen almost sets this up as if the conversation with the cop could have been entirely imagined and the short delivery added to the level of psychopathic innuendo.

I Will Wait:
So much to like here. “I will climb into the river, lay my body within the mud, feel the currents of the water and time as it passes. You will all destroy each other and the earth will begin anew.” The flow of this piece is consistent throughout and builds upon each layer until the culmination at the end.

Nice pacing throughout and the dialogue added to this piece, nicely. Great occult/fantasy flash.

Our Final Dance:
“Her hair is pitch plastered to her skull.” I just love this line! Rich descriptions, concise detail.

The Perfect Job:
Haha! I laughed out loud reading this entry. This had the same flavor as Gone Girl (great read).
“He looked quite peaceful for someone that has experienced major trauma, death. I smoothed his hair back into the fashionable style he liked to wear.” You delivered the disturbing in a delightful manner.

The dialogue really led this journey and it was effective in conveying the true Idiots in the story. Nicely done.

Untitled “What are you doing?”:  And here we have the delusional stalker revealed through dialogue. Glad to know she was calling the cops.

Chilled Memories:
Lovely story and concept. “A dipper landed on one of the stones commencing its twitchy dance before flitting away not braving the icy water.” Beautiful detailing to set the scene.

The Path:
I like how the main character works through her resentment with her ex via the dog, and in the end I think she even realizes that the animal is actually a comfort during this time.

Dead Water:
“And, at a certain angle, in the last dying rays of the setting sun, the water runs red as blood.” Great line! Another sinister tale woven with care and detail. Lovely!

Under Ice:
The entire first paragraph draws the reader in deliciously. You’ve done a lovely job at capturing the emotion and doling it out to the reader in even increments. This is a chilling piece of flash expertly delivered.

You did not make this decision easy to choose, but here is what I finally decided:

2nd Runner up: Catherine Connolly with Our final Dance – Creative take on the picture with imagery that clung to me. Well done!

1st Runner up: Nancy Chenier with Under Ice – This story was a lovely stand alone flash, but I could read a loner version of this as well. Loved the concept!

Our week 47 FLASH MASTER is…



with The Perfect Job

This one just wouldn’t leave my brain. I truly enjoyed the narcissistic sociopath. Congrats!

Thanks again for this opportunity!

Congratulations, Stella! Your story will be featured as tomorrow’s HumpDay Quickie! Thanks again, Grace, for volunteering your time and providing feedback for this week’s stories. Next week, Jaime Burchardt will be judging the last round of Flash Frenzy for 2014! There is only one spot left for the second Flash Face-Off, so be prepared. 🙂


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