Round 46: Winners

Posted: December 2, 2014 in Winners
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Hello again, friends. I’d like to thank to Shakes for volunteering his time to judge stories this week and wish many heartfelt thanks to all of you for sharing your talents once again. Here are the judge’s comments.

Glad to be back judging round 46. Our esteemed host chose one of the more personal photos I’ve posted – my kids, dad and wife all the subjects.

You’re probably wondering what it was they were staring at? Nothing as exciting as the things your imaginations conjured up. The bridge over the drainage ditch had collapse, cutting the walk short for us but allowing the dogs to deftly leap the gap. Interestingly, several of your stories feature dogs.

Voima’s ‘The Field’ merged human emotions with science fiction. The deceptively simple narration from the child’s perspective making the final lines all the more poignant.

Avelina gave us ‘The Leader’, a tale of growing up in a post zombie apocalypse world and the fun kids can have with the walking (running) dead. Jenny was fast discovering that the burden of leadership is a heavy one.

Nancy wrote ‘Corralled’, a fabulously creepy tale that built up to a chilling and well planned end.

With ‘Tradition’, Casey managed to make me smile and choke up almost simultaneously. A beautiful tale.

Stella threw a curveball with ‘The Making of Me’. She said on Twitter I’d not spot hers and she was right. She characterises the children well and the last line is all the more disconcerting as a result.

There’s more than meets the eye in Brett’s ‘Field of Demons’ (great title) and it stands up to several readings but try to keep your scream monster in.

Catherine’s ‘Statues’ captures the reader and locks them in until, en masse, the statues turn. Then it’s too late to unsee… Lovely, subtle horror done beautifully.

AJ presented ‘Walking on a Grey Sunday’ and a fab opening line. The story that unfolded was clever and original. That dog clearly loved chasing cats!

Rebekah painted ‘Picture Perfect’, showing us that the fantasy realms have stolen a born horror writer from our ranks.

Carlos sold us on ‘Timeshares’, proving that there’s always a better predator around the corner.

2nd runner up is Casey with ‘Tradition’ because even magicians have to die, but how spectacular and celebratory a transition was it? Awesome.

1st runner up is Rebekah with ‘Picture Perfect’ because subtle horror can be the most unsettling and even her word count hints at the fact Rebekah shocked herself!

and our Round 46 Flash Master is…


Nancy Chenier

with ‘Corralled’

This story left me unsettled but returning to it several times. Great phrases, such as ‘with the truth sewn shut in his throat.’ add to the growing disquiet until we get to the squirrel squishing and the full extent of the horror is unleashed.

Congratulations, Nancy! Your story will be featured as tomorrow’s HumpDay quickie. Many thanks to Shakes for both the photo and the comments. This weekend Grace Black will be stepping up to judge. Hope to see you all there. 🙂

  1. the squirrel squishing was such a brilliant touch…

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