Round 45: Winners

Posted: November 25, 2014 in Winners
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Greetings, friends. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that those of you in the US are planning a lovely holiday with your family this week. I’d like to send a big hug to my flash fiction family here at the Angry Hourglass, with special thanks to Image Ronin for judging Round 45. His comments are as follows:

The prompt of a flower had me fearing an onslaught of Mills & Boon inspired saccharine drivel. Thankfully you fine people didn’t lead me down the path of fluttering bosoms and bashful glances, but to realms of serial killers, jewel thieves and troubled narrators.

So thank you.

The tales themselves were as varied as the flowers that featured, and in truth I was left with the inevitable dilemma of picking three. Any of the works this week were worthy of the win, so thank you, but in the end I reached a decision.

A Family Disease

The mournful regret and knowing resentment of the narrator permeates every word. The internalization of pain and anguish lay bare in a narration that offers little in the way of answers, much like life itself, but only the picking away at a scab that won’t heal. Moving in its simplicity and voice.

Smash Mouth

I read this tale, the image of the flower never far from my mind. The innocence of his sister, counterpointed with the wrath of a parental voice, felt pure Hitchcock. When the hip is removed my skin crawled at the skill and dedication of our protagonist. The horror that was expertly allowed to blossom, excuse the pun, creating a visceral reaction as all horror should. Excellent work.

A Shower of Petals

The shift from Disney to an unsettling horror at The Fear is wonderfully played out through the innocence and joyfulness contrasted by our narrators nagging concerns. Sharing a hint of Voimaoy’s tale at the overwhelming power of the blossom to erode self, the resignation that nature will finally find a way to rid herself of humanity, a theme I always find intriguing, is wonderfully set up. Now off to dance in the blossom that coats our lawn at the moment.

January’s Air

“Innocence is a beautiful gift no one gets to keep.” I stopped at the sentence, watching my own offspring dancing in and out of sprinklers in the sunshine. I read it again, and again.

Sorry if that moment sounds like this was all the tale meant, far from it, but what happened moment was word formed into emotion, memory, feeling, desire and every other fibre that makes us individuals. The imagery that follows complimented perfectly the set up of that sentence. The horror that then finally erupts wrenching you away from the innocence of ‘pigtails and muddy feet.”

Until I went back and read that sentence once more.


Voimaoy for a while now has been hinting at this other world, her stories interconnecting, intersecting, echoing each other to a point that I find myself yearning for her to write the novel it so easily could become. The flower as epicentre (evoking for me Day of the Triffids), a catalyst of alternate existences, much like the poppy, was wonderfully captured. I was taken to a place of absolute release and loss, a terrifying existence that had me wanting more.


The set up, of Fran the recluse hints at a backstory, which we then let slip as we venture into a moment of escape from Fran. I truly felt so sorry for her at the moment of the theft. Was this someone set up by her past partner seeking further assets to claim? Or a con artist, swift of finger and thought? Those questions I pondered long after I had finished reading.

Anyway to the finalists  – congrats to all but here we go.

2nd Runner Up: Voimaoy – Alba

1st Runner Up: Karl A Russell – A Shower of Petals

And your week 45 FLASH MASTER is…


Grace Black

with “January’s Air”

Congratulations, Grace!  Your story will be featured tomorrow as the HumpDay Quickie. Please contact me here with any bio information, publications, links to personal sites, or any other information you would like to appear on your winner’s page.

This weekend, David Shakes returns as prompt master and judge. Hope to see you all there.


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