HumpDay Quickie #44

Posted: November 19, 2014 in Hump-Day Quickies
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Knights Of The Road

by Karl A. Russell

“Pick up The Ball?”

Joey sighed. Ten minutes till his shift ended, but he was up next, and he couldn’t dodge it forever. He leant into the cab and thumbed the radio.

“Cab 54, Carmelita. What have you got?”

“Heyyy Joey. Finally caught another?”

He imagined ruby red lips pursed into a smile, wondered if the rest of her was as warm and honeyed as her voice, but was kind of glad he’d never find out.

“Hit me.”

He listened intently as he pulled away from the stand, got the name, the address and the reason. By the time it was done, his mood was lower than the night’s tips.

“I’m there.”

“Thank you Joey. Good luck.”

The line went dead, then the regular dispatcher cut in. Joey killed the radio and pulled over.

The dead drop was a garbage can on a mid rent block. Joey retrieved the package, checked the contents, then dialled the number they gave.


Gruff, sleepy and still drunk. That made it easier.

“Mr. Pace?”

“Yeah, whosis?”

“I’m from OK Cabs sir. One of our drivers picked you up tonight, found your credit card on the backseat.”

“Aw Christ…”

“No worries sir, I pass your block on my way home and I’m right outside.”

“Yeah? I’ll be right down.”

Joey waited at the door, centering himself. When Pace appeared, he held a credit card and looked pissed. It was easy to imagine him doing what Carmelita had described.

“Checked my wallet, dipshit. I don’t know what scam-“

Joey caught him around the neck, jabbed in the ampoule with well-practised precision, then stepped clear as Pace fell into a dead drop of his own.

Joey looked up at the security camera, safe in the knowledge that only Carmelita saw him now.

“Job done. Red Ball down. I’m off the clock.”

He saluted, imagined ruby red lips set in grim determination, then drove home. He wanted a beer, but that was never a good idea after catching The Ball. Instead he made do with watching Sal and the kids sleeping, safe in the knowledge that there was one less monster out there for them to meet.


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