HumpDay Quickie #43

Posted: November 12, 2014 in Hump-Day Quickies
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Singing to the Flowers

by Sal Page

Don’t be daft, lad, of course I wasn’t in a band. Tone deaf, me. You get your musical talent from your grandma. Where is she? Oh, she’s in the garden. Keep an eye out will you?

Nineteen-seventy that picture was taken. Forty years. No, it’s more than that, isn’t it? Unbelievable. Seems just like yesterday. Me and the boys went to that festival for the weekend. The band had nipped off somewhere. We grabbed our opportunity and posed with their abandoned instruments.

That was the day your grandma and I met. She had a big floppy pink flower in her hair and of course she still has that beautiful smile. She was sitting on the grass nearby and I handed her my camera. Didn’t say a word but she knew straight away I wanted her to take our picture.

That’s me with the big drum. Seems like I don’t even know which part to hit, doesn’t it? Brian hogged the proper drum kit and whipped his shirt off. I have to admit he looked the part but he only crashed the symbols a few times. That’s right, Brian’s that fat bald man we bumped into the other day.

She all right? Singing to the flowers again? Just let me know if you lose sight of her. Keeps wandering off, bless her. As long as she doesn’t go out of the gate we’re all right. She’ll be happy enough out there. For a while.

That’s Ronnie. Don’t ask me what he’s doing with his sweater on his head. Maybe he thought it’d look like dreadlocks. And that’s Jimmy singing. Sounded like someone trying to strangle a gargling parakeet. I can only assume that’s what the people in the background are laughing at. I miss Jimmy. Oh, he’s been dead years. He’s the reason I wouldn’t give your sister money for a motorbike. Say no more.

Once she’d taken the picture, the band came back and shooed us away. We got talking and that was it. Inseparable ever since. Your mother was born a year later.

What’s she doing? I wish she remembered. And I do wish she knew who I was.


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