Round 42: Winners

Posted: November 4, 2014 in Winners
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Good afternoon, flashdogs. Thanks to everyone who indulged me in my special weekend challenge. I enjoyed reading your stories; they were a welcome break from a busy and stressful couple of days. I don’t have a whole lot to say other than, as usual, the quality and variety of tales crafted from a single prompt is both impressive and inspiring. I’ve been struggling with my own writing projects recently, and seeing what you all are able to do week after week in mere hours inspires me to strive harder. You guys rock.

Now, on to our winners.

Everything I read from this week was well conceived, but two stories among them stood out to me. For that reason I’ve chosen a only single runner up in addition to our Flash Master.

Runner Up: Nancy Chenier with Gentlefolk. Folks, there was nothing gentle about this story. It is filled with loss and grief and no small measure of guilt. It wrenches your love from your very arms and leaves you wishing your heart was as stony as the Gentlefolk themselves. There is so much to this story left untold, but the devastation it conveys is complete. I can’t help but wonder what our flute-playing narrator intends to do when the water finally recedes.


And our Round 42 FLASH MASTER is…


Karl A. Russell 


Child Of Stone

Nancy wrote a beautifully chilling tale, but Karl just happened to hit upon a current weak-spot of mine. Of course, the language and lovely final image, despite the early-on horror, are reason enough to elevate Karl and his story to Flash Master status, but the fact that I’m currently writing a handful of Lovecraftian tales endeared this story to me on another level. Much like Molly and the sleeping stones, I felt a special kind of kinship with this tale as I was reading it. It is one thing to read and appreciate a story as a reader, but it is something else to feel like you’re sharing part of that world as a writer as well. For that, I thank you, Karl.

Your story will be featured as tomorrow’s HumpDay Quickie. I have fallen behind on my judge recruiting, so watch your Twitter DM inboxes (especially October’s Flash Masters) for an invitation to judge this month. Have a wonderful week, and I hope to see you all again on Saturday.


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