HumpDay Quickie #38

Posted: October 8, 2014 in Hump-Day Quickies
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Perfect Fit

by Nancy Chenier

Filippa pranced directly to the sleek sporty silver number, while Cameron plodded along the lot with more care.

“It’s perfect!” she whinnied.

“What, that?” he nuzzed.

She stamped, her sharp heel raising sparks on the asphalt. “What’s wrong with it?”

“It’s not very practical.” He dipped his head under her glare. “What kind of mileage—?”

“Mileage, schmilage!” she snorted. “Look at it!” She stroked the glinting coat. She shook out her hair as if she could already feel the sirocco streaming through her tresses.

Not having much in the way of tresses, he scratched his pate and sighed. The region probably got ten top-down days out of the year max. His gaze lolled along the rows.

“Here’s a good one,” he declared, clumping up to a sturdier vehicle the color of a sand dune. Instead of glinting, sunlight sort of sagged off it.

“What a dopey-looking beast,” she nickered.

“It’s roomy.” He peered at her through shockingly thick lashes—a look that used to make her melt. “We might appreciate the extra space… someday.”

“Oh, here we go.” Not even a tiny trace of thaw in her tone.

“Things change,” he persisted. “Desires change.”

“He thinks I’m going to hit forty like a wall and suddenly need to breed,” she explained to the broad windshield.

He shrugged. “Hormones are powerful motivators.”

“You should know.”

His lips peeled back from tobacco stained teeth. She sidled back to the silver.

“Reliability,” he harrumphed.

“Romance,” she lilted.

He wagged his head. “Leave the romance for your regencies.”

She flicked a dismissive hand. “What did I ever see in you?”

But Filippa knew exactly what: his tortoise indefatigability, his quiet optimism, the way he dissolved the drama that some days threatened to drown her.

“Why do I put up with you?” he moaned.

But Cameron knew exactly why: her indomitable stride, her lightning zest for life, the way she fearlessly charged at a challenge and encouraged him to do likewise when it mattered.

He thumped the hood of the argent sportster.

She ran a hand along the roof rack of the oatmeal wagon.

“Okay,” they said simultaneously, “this one will do just fine.”

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