Greetings, friends. Another week has passed, and it is time to crown a new Flash Frenzy Flash Master. This week, Rebekah Postupak,  hostess of the weekly flash fiction challenge Flash! Friday (consequently, the site that first infected me with the flash bug) offered her dragony services as judge. Her fiery comments are as follows:

Given the prompt, I’m a bit mystified how so many of you had the nerve to write funny tales. That pony and camel have been through some hard times, let me tell you. Grief, loss, and the enormity of human suffering? All there, kids.

But since you INSISTED on mocking their pain—here goes me. Tearfully, obv., as I wend my way through.

Voimaoy’s Butterflies? Mythology so marvelously vivid, like Brigadoon meets Arabian Nights. Gavin Parish’s Explorers’ Digest, just fabulously insane mirage madness crazy. Mark King’s hilarious Santa’s reindeer tale was a totally refreshing out-of-the box concept. Several of you did some really wonderful character work too, like Cathy Lennon in A Desert Tale andJacki Donnellan in Over the Hill. David Shakes made very funny use of one of my favorite tools, reimagining an existing tale, by explaining the true story behind the three Magi.

And if you want some powerful, poetic language, look no further than Josh Bertetta’sDromedary and a Half. Do you hear those gorgeous sounds?? The whispered sh’s, the bubbling b’s. Richly beautiful, like soaking in a chocolate bath. Meanwhile, Casey Rose Frank made me laugh out loud with her Forsooth, and the melodramatic, stilted dialogue offset by the frank prose of the third character.

Now: with my deepest thanks to the #FlashDogs and to all of you who took part this week (with apologies for not commenting on all), these three are my top picks.

Shirley Golden’s The Proposal. The writing is tight. Dark foreshadowing at the beginning is answered by the terror of the end, and balanced by the (justified) paranoia snaking all through. The title’s usually romantic implications are trampled here beneath mixed suspicion and fear. And what an ending! Subtle, terrifying.

Nancy Chenier’s Perfect Fit. Many stories personified the animals; Nancy’s take represents a deft, playful weaving of both personification and metaphor. And talk about killer character work! We get years and years of a long marriage also threaded on the loom. This story is layered so well, it just about blew me away. It’s not just a story. It’s an entire novel.

David Borrowdale’s The Special Bond Between a Boy and His Camel. This one is a perfect example of a game-changing twist that forces the reader to start the story over with this new understanding. It’s a monologue by an untrustworthy narrator (another of my favorite literary tools). We have been deceived most magnificently and hilariously.

This week’s FLASH MASTER is…


Nancy Chenier

with Perfect Fit

For a tired couple whose entire marriage is mapped out for us, and how you danced them between camels and horses and car shopping, from despair to falling in love again, in a scant 160 words. This is how it’s done.

Congratulations, Nancy!  Your story will be featured tomorrow as the HumpDay Quickie. Please contact me here with any bio information, publications, links to personal sites, or any other information you would like to appear on your winner’s page.

Many thanks, Rebekah, for your judges comments. Next week, Jacki Donnellan returns to the judge’s seat. Have a wonderful week, and I will see you all again on Saturday.


  1. Congratulations to Rebekah! Well-deserved, as always!

    • Oops… sorry… I didn’t read that correctly. I meant, way to go Rebekah on serving as judge, and congrats to Shirley, Nancy, and David! (Rebekah… I have no idea where you find time for all the things you do… amazing!)

  2. Holly Geely says:

    Congrats, great story!

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