HumpDay Quickie #33

Posted: September 3, 2014 in Hump-Day Quickies
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by Amy Wood

“See him, that chap there?” Cupid Angelo nudged Cupid Brian and pointed at a man staring listlessly into a dreary fountain. “He’s hopeless. Complete and utter waste of time. Three times I’ve set him up and he’s still single.”

“Maybe you’re setting him up with the wrong girl,” Cupid Brian shrugged, stealing Cupid Angelo’s ice cream. “Or he might be gay, did you think of that, genius?”

“Tried that.” Angelo plucked the spoon from Brian’s grasp. “He experimented but screwed that up too. The pen-pushers are punishing me with this guy.”

“Well, there was that thing with the bloke and the donkey and the Vestal Virgins back in Rome…”

“I know,” Angelo winced. “I was young. Surely that wasn’t bad enough to warrant getting saddled with Mr Useless-at-Love.”

Brian swiped Angelo’s latte.

Angelo rolled his eyes. “Okay, I’m officially asking for help. What do I do with this guy?”

“Try a donkey,” Brian said, smirking. “He might like them.”

“Not helpful,” Angelo snapped. “Hold on…”

Useless-at-Love took a coin from his pocket and rubbed a thumb carefully over it before flipping it into the murky water. Barely a second later another coin landed in the same spot. A blonde girl glanced at Useless and smiled, all bashful dimples and doe eyes. Useless smiled back.

Brian grinned. “Feel that?”

“Yeah,” Angelo nodded slowly.

The familiar flutterings of newborn attraction wriggled pleasurably in his stomach. What would it be like to feel that and know they were nobody’s feelings but his own? Angelo thrust the thought away. Not the time.

“Looks like they don’t need us,” Brian said, settling back in his chair. “You lost one, mate. Useless found love all on his own. Not good for your portfolio.”

“Bugger off,” Angelo frowned and nicked Brian’s Danish pastry. “It’s not my fault.”

“Keep telling yourself that, mate.”

Angelo munched the pastry and watched Useless flirt with the blonde. Maybe love really did conquer all. Maybe one day he’d get to try it for himself. Maybe one day he’d tell Brian just how much he enjoyed being on assignments with him. But not just yet.


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