Round 32: Winners

Posted: August 26, 2014 in Winners
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Happy Tuesday, Friends.

What a healthy turn out this week! So much so that I think I now owe guest judge, Taylor, chocolate for volunteering her time. 🙂

Before the results I want to let everyone know of a few flash fiction updates.

1. Nano Fiction’s 2014 NanoPrize contest closes for submissions on September first. The winner receives publication and $500. I’ve submitted my entry, you should too! Details here: 

2. Grey Matter Press’s monthly flash fiction challenge FLASH MASTERS (catchy name!) is back and will post their prompt tomorrow. This will be round 3 of this new challenge; you can find details here.

And without further ado, some brief comments from our judge.

There is one runner up and one winner this week. I liked both of these stories because they were different; they weren’t something I expected.

 Runner up: The Day A Dog Fell From The Sky:  Mark A. King

This story made me sad, but then it made me happy. The description of Laika in the first part was pretty visceral and heart rending. But then… aliens! Or the Space Illuminati. Either way, thumbs up.



Karl A. Russell

with One Of Those Affairs

This story was kind of messed up at the end, and I’m into those sorts of endings. And I like it when people make fun of hipsters.

Congratulations, Karl! Your story will be featured tomorrow as the HumpDay Quickie.

Thanks everyone for participating this week. I hope to see you all again for Round 33 where Flash Master Karl A. Russell will be presiding judge.


  1. Mark A. King says:

    Reblogged this on Making Fiction and commented:
    An update of my “The day a dog fell from the sky” story.

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