Round 30: Winners

Posted: August 5, 2014 in Winners
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Happy Tuesday, Writers!!

A quick and heartfelt thanks to Stella for offering her services as judge this week; you’ll find her comments below:

This week’s picture prompt led you all to produce such varying stories. Chilling tales to tales that made me smile. You haven’t made my first time as a Judge easy with the calibre of stories submitted. It’s been difficult to decide which one is the Flash Master but here are my thoughts

The Last Laugh, such a great title, at the end I was left wondering who would get the last laugh, hopefully Callie.

The Statues Of San Merci, I immediately thought of a futuristic Mutiny on The Bounty, was intrigued by the waifs and waif bars. The poignant ending was a good touch, really felt for her.

Liquorice, a really unique take on the photo. Joan and Barry will they have a happy ending or eat each other, had me laughing and wanting to know their fate.

The Laughing Men, is this a tale of romance or horror? Where is Billy, why is she grinning? I wanted to know more.

Wined and dined and ?  A tale of two halves, the beginning getting ready for a first date, the end no recollection of what had happened that evening. Why was she hiding empties under the bed, left me wanting to find out more?

Carrying On, loved this tale of the malevolent Punch and Judy man, so chilling that he, a children’s entertainer would be the cause of their demise. No other last line could have been so apt.

Gargoyles and Lovers liked the idea of the statues predicting the futures of those they despised and how they sneered in contempt and laughed at our folly.

I Serve, Great first line, the story got straight to the point. The ending was funny and left me feeling satisfied.

The Laughing Princes liked the fairy tale tone leading to good winning over bad manners.

So here is my judgement:

3rd place winner Liquorice by Sal Page
2nd place winner Carrying On by Karl A Russell

And Flash Master this week is


Jacki Donnellan

with her brilliant story

“I Serve”

Loved that line ‘the geeky girl in Engineering, who gave every iServe a name and a secret tweak on the cheek before it left the factory’ I could identify with her 🙂

Congratulations, Jacki! Your story will be featured as tomorrow’s HumpDay Quickie!

Thanks to everyone who participated this week. Thanks once again, Stella, for acting as judge. Next week I will be stepping up and judging your stories. See you on Saturday!



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