Hey gang. Sorry for the late post – I’ll keep it short and sweet. Jaime Burchardt was our guest judge this week and here is what he had to say about your entries:

Right off the bat, I have to say that the picture that was chosen by Mr. Shakes proved to be a rather tricky one. You trite bastard (kidding of course, and since reading these I’ve taken on a British accent so thanks for that). I want to thank our fearless boss for having me judge this week, and I want to thank all of you for your time and submissions.

I’ll be completely honest; this was a tough one to judge. Almost all of you had a tone in mine, but to see all of you tackle said tone through different avenues turned this into a roller coaster ride. My imaginary cowboy hat goes off to all of you, with a few stories I’d like to note. Newbow’s story,  “You Didn’t Say Anything”, started off well although the tease of progression lingered. David Shakes’ “Tumulus” story was a head scratcher, but in a good sense. “The Artist” by Image Ronin definitely painted a vivid, somewhat haunting picture. And I really want to thank Volma Oy for participating. Even though she submitted after the deadline and could not be eligible, if that were not the case this would have gone differently. If you’re reading this Oy, I encourage you to come back; your work is very much welcome.

In the end, all of you really did a good job, but alas there can be one-THREE. I meant three winners.

3rd Place Winner—milambc for “Holy Shit”. Granted the narrative wasn’t that steady, but I admired its intentions and the ending was a delight.

2nd Place Winner—Catherine Connolly for “Building Bridges”. One of the reasons I love these flash contests is that writers can give us a peak into a new world with potential. Connolly did just that here.

And the Flash Master this week is…



Karl A. Russell

with “In the Aftermath”

Going outside the box is risky, especially when almost every story here was on a set tone, but Russell made his stand out with pure dialogue, excellent intentions and a great sense of hilarity.

Karl, I’ll post your winning story shortly! 🙂

Thanks Jaime for judging, thank you all for writing, and we shall see you again this weekend when your stories will be judged by none other than Flash Master extraordinaire himself, Karl A. Russell!



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