HumpDay Quickie #27

Posted: July 16, 2014 in Hump-Day Quickies
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Same As It Ever Was

by Karl A Russell

The beautiful woman sitting opposite is speaking, but all I hear is the radio; Talking Heads.

She leans in and speaks again.

“Earth to Donovan. You okay hun?”

She smiles, red lips parting wetly to reveal perfect white teeth. Expensive.

I smile back, but I don’t understand these muscles, and it feels like a snarl.

“A little hungover.”

A laugh, genuine sounding. What was that song?

“A little? It was gone four when you crawled into bed.”

“Sorry, Didn’t mean to disturb you.”

She lowers her head, pale blue eyes fixing me over the top of her shades, which I somehow know cost more than the holiday we’re on.

“That wasn’t what you said this morning, loverman…”

I blush, reach for my juice, but it becomes black coffee, bitter and scalding.


I half stand, grab a napkin to mop at my shirt, but I freeze, looking at myself. What the hell am I wearing? I could sell this and pay the rest of my student loan in one go.

Wait. What loan?

The woman reaches over to help but I pull back further, chair scraping on the restaurant floor. Her touch scares me. I can see a rock the size of a peanut on her ring finger and I know that her nails are redone once a week. I know that she’s sleeping with her masseur and doesn’t hide it. I know that I’ve joined in.

I know that I’ve never seen her before in my life.

I stand, apologising to the other diners.

The Talking Heads start singing again.

I walk away, onto the beach.

I pull off my expensive shoes and leave them behind.

My toes are squat and hairy, not how I remember.

A guy runs past and I admire his butt.

The Talking Heads bleed from his ipod.

This is not my beautiful wife.

I picture my toes, varnish cheap but nicely done.

I remember my body.

The woman stands before me, her face a perfect picture of concern.

The guy runs past again.

And again.

The woman’s lips don’t move, but I hear her anyway.

“Control, she’s awake again.”

How did I get here?


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