Round 26: Winners

Posted: July 1, 2014 in Winners
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Hi friends. Here we are again, with a new batch of winners, and a brand new FLASH MASTER that I’m really excited about. First, I just wanted to say that this photo is one of my favorites, and you all did it justice. Thanks! And thanks, Karl, for judging. 😀

Here is what Karl had to say about this week’s entries:

Another great crop of stories this week, and a real honour to see so many of my favourite flash fictioners turning out to write for me. As usual, I’ve made some notes as I read through them all:

The Roar of The Fall by David Shakes
A nameless protagonist stands prepared for a final showdown, but Shakes wisely shows us how she got there instead and leaves her undoubtedly bloody ending to our imaginations. Using capitalization for groups of people and events, he elevates them to mythic status, suggesting an epic history, no mean feat in 360 words.

Morning Fog by Voimaoy
Voimaoy finds a crossing point between worlds, asking timeless questions about the nature of reality. Surely Greg from Archives is an all too familiar part of our “real” world, but through her off-hand references to patrolling the perimeter, repairing the breach and a life among the waterfalls, Voimaoy sketches a world no less concrete than our own.

Sir Prance-a-lot by Sal Page
Sal sets creeping tension against the chaos of life and a child’s recreation of soap opera in miniature. The smiles brought forth by bandy-legged dancing and birthday arrests pale before the final moment of quiet, inevitable horror.

Saviour on a Horse by AJ Walker
With sparkling descriptions, AJ perfectly captures the self pity and glorification of a terminal hangover. We’ve probably all been where his suffering protagonist finds himself, and Sarah’s no nonsense admonishment is all too familiar, giving the tale an uncomfortable honesty and a laugh out loud ending.

It’s Off To Work She Goes by TinmanDoneBadly
A jilted fiancée takes an idiosyncratic path to vengeance. As ever, Tinman’s style shines through, so unique as to make blind judging an irrelevance, and his work is singularly amusing.

Death Rattle by Brett Milam
Brett shows us a noble beast and his all too human master. Some wonderful phrasing illuminates the squalid realities of war.

A Fairy Tale Existence by C Connolly
Cath takes us behind the scenes in Fairyland and gives us a genre crossing prince, an ungrateful Cinderella and a (sadly offscreen) regenerating grandma. The dissolution of those childhood icons is a sad reminder that even stories need to evolve or die.

The Demolition of The Ugly by Bart Van Goethem
A prime slice of on-the-hoof surrealism, complete with a lisping horse, cathartic violence, jokes about windborne faeces and knowing asides to rival Tinman.

Fallen But Not Forgotten by Patrick Stahl
Another epic battle, but telling a very different tale beneath the surface. The Marquess’ willingness to make his stand and turn his men into a human shield around his wife, and her matter of fact acceptance of his unspoken devotion, shows a wonderful human moment that will be lost in the grand sweep of history.

The Waters of the Oasis by C.R. Jennings
A last ditch rescue attempt is almost scuppered by a weak and fallible human but completed at the last by another noble steed. We are almost wondering why we should care about this hapless wanderer, when the tale is flipped on its head by the final lines and the protagonist redeems himself through the ultimate sacrifice.

The Crystal Stones by Beth Deitchman
A tale of daring theft and headlong flight, propelled by pacey, economical storytelling. Beth wisely focuses on the chase rather than the whys and wherefores of the ongoing magical battle, and we are drawn headlong into her world.

I have three runners up this week, with stories which appealed for a lot of different reasons, and which I couldn’t really separate into 1st, 2nd etc. So, in no particular order, they are:

Brett Milam
Patrick Stahl

This week’s FLASH MASTER is…


Sal Page

with Sir Prance-a-lot

My winner by a nose, for that final haunting image.

Congratulations, Sal! Your story will be featured this Wednesday as the HumpDay Quickie! Please contact me here with any bio information, publications, links to personal sites, or any other information you would like to appear on your winner’s page.

This weekend I’ve got something special planned, so watch for the announcement! Thanks again, everybody!


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