HumpDay Quickie #25

Posted: June 25, 2014 in Hump-Day Quickies
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The Final Resting Place

by StellakateT

The turnout was amazing, people paying their respects, too many for the size of the chapel, some of the mourners spilled out into the car park. The deceased was well loved, she worked in the local corner shop selling all the necessities of life to the neighbourhood, booze, fags, newspapers and the things people forgot to buy at the cheaper supermarket in town. The skies opened drenching those in a quick, sharp shower. The humanist minister turned up late saying his dog had eaten his appointment diary. Had he not heard of electronic diaries?

My Dad hadn’t a clue who anyone was. My Mum sobbed all through the hymn, turned out my beloved granny sang ‘The Rugged Cross’ loudly all the time. She was mourning Gertie, at that point, not my Dad’s sister.

The eulogy reminded me of the woman down the road not my Auntie Sheila. Wonder if she’d died and the bloke had mixed up his notes.

No wake, so when we got back home we had a cup of tea and my mum said “let’s have biscuits” because when she was young it was always tea and biscuits for a wake. So she opened a posh tin of biscuits and we all had a biscuit or two before going home.

I laid a wreath of wild flowers on the moor and planted a tiny cross with a picture of Auntie Sheila. She’d walked there often looking for her Heathcliffe. Not sure where her ashes will be scattered that’s up to Uncle Fred. If he has his way it will be on the doorstep of the bookies, his first and only love.

  1. Thank you…. shell shocked to be the winner this week ….. 🙂

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