Round 23: Winners

Posted: June 10, 2014 in Winners
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Hello again, Friends!

What a turn out this week! You guys are amazing. Special thanks to Casey Rose Frank for judging this round. She has comments for everyone, so let’s get to the goods. 🙂


What a tremendous collection of tales!  So many that touch upon the heartbreakingly elusive moments of life.
C Connolly does a great job of showing how something like a clean white dress can come to represent so much, especially once it is sullied. The reader can feel the agony of hindsight and how little that does to help.

Stella offers a wonderful chance to reevaluate the freedoms of childhood that should be enjoyed while they can. The examples of the bits of childhood the elderly character still wishes to have captured are sweet and vivid.

Karl A Russel paints a full color picture of a man alone with his pain, physical and mental. “If” is a mighty powerful word, one that has all the power of regret to haunt both the character and the readers.

Image Ronin’s “dark bluish clouds” are such a evocative description of the literal aftermath of abuse and the hovering feeling of misery left afterward.

Sal Page touches upon a personal fear of mine, I do have some window-related fears but I too would have wanted to spend more time with a fairy. The idea of listing instead the things that are not to be feared is a beautiful idea and the list is delightful.

Voima Oy has created such a unique world, drawing on the very real concerning question of what draws a cat’s attention to the walls, and the fantastical trades one might receive the real life disappointments. The gifts left behind and the tricks she performs are such great details.

David Shakes has created an interesting traveling conundrum that is made all the more terrifying when the reader discovers that the other hellish place may in fact be our own world. What is a scarier idea, that our world is bombed or that this poor girl comes back carrying the same radiation?

Wisp of Smoke captures the difficulty of time in making you feel like you’ve gained something while losing so much else at the same time. Living in a state of always wondering is timeless and the reader feels the pain of wanting to find the answers to a life unknown even as we understand the futility of it.

Jacki Donnellan captures the many people one person can be throughout a lifetime in a beautifully bittersweet way. One can only hope that these many selves can have such a joyful ending in real life.

Beth Deitchman uses the classical chilling sound of giggling. Is there ever a time you hear giggling at night and smile instead of cringe? Despite the vividly scary description of the winged beast the unseen giggler is still scarier.

Milambc paints a vivid world through the eyes of a child. The description of the attack of the cookie sheet, still baring cookies is particularly captivating. I too would have eaten one anyway…

Patrick Stahl shows a child’s worldview as her world begins to unravel. The reader is as concerned as Miranda and as grateful that at least physically she’ll be okay.

Zevonesque creates a unique world that initially reads like agoraphobia but instead turns out to be related to a haunting, whether literal or strictly of the mind. It’s intriguing to be left wondering who Jessica really is.

DrMagoo captures in such a sweet and simple way the joys of having a child. Any child running around may make a person smile, but describing what it means to see your own child run, especially one that carries a part of something you’ve lost is a unique beauty.

Second Runner up goes to David Shakes for his fascinating glimpse at the atrocities of our world through an outside perspective and the haunting idea that our mistakes may carry on in such terrible ways.

First Runner up goes to Voima Oy for the vivid descriptions of the fairy girl and what she leaves behind. She feels like pure joy, a welcome balm of “girl found” against “girl lost”.


This week’s winner and FLASH MASTER is…


Karl A Russell


“If” is such a weighty word, one that all of us examine from time to time. “If” has a way of burrowing under the skin. Russel’s portrayal of not only the severe lingering question of what might of been, but of the hope that still remains despite all else is incredibly powerful.

Congratulations Karl! Your story will be featured tomorrow as the HumpDay Quickie!

Thanks much to everybody who posted stories this week. Next weekend, Jacki Donnellan steps up to the plate to offer her services as judge.  Hope to see you all again. 😀

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