Hello, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I’m quite pleased with the turn out for Round 21 and absolutely thrilled to see some new faces in the crowd. The more the merrier! I’d like to send a special thank you to Shakes who not only writes and judges for the Angry Hourglass, but also provides a fair number of the photo prompts (including this week’s prompt) chosen to stimulate your imagination week after week. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again—this site is for you, and I’m grateful every weekend that you share your ideas and stories with me. And now, for the judge’s comments!

I’d like to start by saying how fortunate I feel to have been involved in Angry Hourglass from the start and have Rebecca regularly use my photos for the prompts.

I visit that park regularly. I believe that bench has seen many things, although perhaps not quite as broad or eclectic as your collective imaginations came up with. Then again…

This week we had loves lost, unrequited or turned bitter and vengeful.

We had aliens, wars and dystopia.

We had the devil himself (albeit in the background, conducting.)

We had a great detective and a not so great secret service.

Best of all, we had new blood joining the brilliant group of flash writers and friends making a tough job even tougher.

Right. I’ve runners up and a winner.

Before that, I’d like to say:

The juxtaposition of Image Ronin‘s “Sherlock” running on to Tinman‘s Irish Secret Service was sublime.

Jaime Burchardt‘s last line “To cry and to breathe.” is something I’ll steal much later when he’s not looking.

And last, but not least, a shout out to Bart for his clever use of the prompt & the flash competition itself as plot device.

Folks, it was close. I mean real close. This week, sentiment wins:

Second runner up is @Ali_OMalley with “There’s Always Next Year.”
This piece captured in words a feeling I had in my youth. A perfect moment gone too soon and a profound sense of loss. The optimism / fatalism was palpable.

Joint first runners up are Beth Deitchman & Karl A Russell for “Bertram” and “The Waiting Place” respectively.

Both subtle tales that invite us to view the situations through the eyes of their protagonists. The first, a second chance at something. The second , the hope that those first flurries may come (batteries permitting.)

This week’s winner and FLASH MASTER is…


Jacki Donnellan

with “Cynthia.”

Read it. You’ll know. Well done. Powerful, poignant and as hopeful as that rainbow. I cried.

Congratulations, Jacki! Your story will be featured tomorrow as the HumpDay Quickie. Thanks again to everyone who participated this week. I hope you’ll all check in this weekend for a new prompt and a new set of flash. Cheers!


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