Winners: Round 20

Posted: May 20, 2014 in Winners
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Happy Tuesday, Friends!

Sorry for the late post, today was crazy. Crazy enough that I’m seriously considering taking Judge Jaime up on his offer to… well.  You’ll have to read the judge’s comments to find out.

From the moment I saw the pic, I just couldn’t help but laugh. I thought to myself, “if these guys don’t have fun with this entry then we all might need to talk as a group with vanilla wafers.” Fortunately most of the entries got to that point, even without going the funny route. All of you got creative and while it sucks that I have to pick just three, please know that I found evey single one of these stories entertaining, and that says a lot about the people who participate for the Angry Hourglass. We should all just pitch in to open up a pub with that name, with our fearless leader.

3rd Place: Karl A. Russell – The Needs of the Many

In the exact word limit, Russell blended together the concerns of starting a distant future for Earth’s survivors while simultaneously throwing well-placed jabs. “Says she doesn’t want to live in a world without cats” made me spit up my water a little bit. I’d love to see a film version of this, even if it’s a short.

2nd Place: Sal Page – Some Insane Someone

You know how there’s that rare instance when you hear elevator music that’s actually good? Especially the kind that can mask doom & gloom? That kept looping through my brain as I read this. A young family making ends meet but still keeping a positive vibe. It’s deceitful in its execution, which is why I loved it. But what can be deceitful about a family trying to start out ne—OH MY GOD.

This week’s FLASH MASTER is… 


 Casey Rose Frank

with: Farmer’s Market

We had some excellent entries, but this might have just captured the true spirit of the photo. Either that or it created the spirit tenfold. It feels like the story’s intent is to be amused with the smashing of a kid’s world. There isn’t any foreshadowing or hints of something darker to come; it’s just really really funny. It’s also a keen example of packing a punch in a limited word set. We’ve all done and seen it before, but with pure comedy? That’s even harder to do. So congrats to Frank. And when she starts singing that song…lost it.

Congratulations to all our winners, and especially back-to-back champion Casey! Your story will be featured at tomorrow’s HumpDay Quickie!

As always, thank you so much EVERYBODY for taking time from your busy schedules to indulge me and my little pet project. I hope to see you all again this weekend, and if I do ever open a pub, first round is on me!


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