Round 19: Winners

Posted: May 13, 2014 in Winners
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Greetings friends. It’s time for another edition of Flash Frenzy Winners, brought to you this week by the generous Image Ronin. As always, thank you to everyone who submitted stories. I’m always happy to provide a place for you to share your craft, but this endeavor is only as successful as you make it. Without further ado, here are your judge’s comments.

So this week was typically one of those that intrigues the writer within me. A woodland prompt, the visual echo of a Freudian metaphor, is always one that will lead some of us into darker waters. As always I wasn’t disappointed, in particular the world-building of Tanglewood, Passed with Flying Levin and Matters led me to wanting to know more of the characters and their differing plights. Whilst some tales took me into unexpected realms, yes I mean you Jacki Donnellan, with a wonderfully rich parody of the iconic Teddy Bear Picnic in Today’s the Day.

Sadly, as always, there can be only three, so here comes the shortlist.

Second Runner Up:

Unearthing by Karl A Russell

The narrative impetus of a husband worried over the potential discovery of his murdered wife was adeptly set up. As a reader I found myself wondering what was going to happen. Were the police en-route as Sam suspected? Was someone else lying in wait? What was Sam going to now do with the remains. 
The gearshift into a more horrific outcome was slick and I found myself reeling at the thought of undead offspring rising from the grave. An excellent example of the power of flash fiction to blend genre and the darkness that lingers in the woods. 

First Runner Up:

The choice between runner up and winner was ridiculously hard as both stories deserved to win. Yet a choice had to be made so runner-up goes to …

The Foundling Tree by Beth Deitchman

A wonderful and rich tale that hints at a greater story to be told. The tropes of a mysterious child, connected to an unknown culture and civilization, the presence of magic and the sense of a returning threat to this realm of safety were artfully set out. The description of the tree at the start was incredibly atmospheric and set up the tale perfectly. Quite a wonderful piece of writing.

Your Week 19 Flash Master is…

Casey Rose Frank

with Communing with Nature

Whereas most tales lurked within the darker recesses of our imagination, this tale took the reader into the realms of Pratchett and Adams. I found myself laughing out loud at the ridiculousness of both men, the desire to have status without consideration of the impact that such motivation has on the wider world. A genuinely funny tale that expertly implemented satire to take the prompt off into an unexpected direction, and left me wanting more. 
And any tale that ends with a grand piano settling an argument is always going to win.

Congratulations, Casey! Your story will be featured tomorrow as the HumpDay Quickie. Please contact me here with any bio information, publications, links to personal sites, or any other information you would like to appear on your winner’s page.

Next week we have a new photo by Ashwin Rao (no excuses for round 20 Shakes!) and Jaime Burchardt will be acting as judge. Hope to see you all Saturday!

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