Thanks again to everyone who submitted stories this week, and special thanks to Beth for offering her services as judge.  

Every week on The Angry Hourglass I’m amazed at how one image can inspire so many different stories. This week proved no different—eight wonderful writers crafted eight little gems, which featured well-drawn worlds, gorgeous imagery, and delicious language, including “suit-smart, whip-thin” from Catherine Connolly and “shitting ducks” from Casey Rose Frank. (I’ve already made room for that one in my repertoire of expletives). Here are my choices:

Second runner-up:
Tinman for his account of Dublin’s rental bicycles after a hard day of carrying tourists around the city. The thought of them lined up as though at a bar tickled me and their complaints made me laugh.

First runner-up:
David Shakes for his story about a post-apocalyptic car aficionado. The opening line sucked me right in and the clarity of the imagery kept me along for the ride. The last line—well, simply delicious!

And your Round 18 Flash Master is…

Karl A Russell

for his haunting tale of rider-less bicycles claiming the night streets of London. His language is pure poetry, carrying us through London with its sounds, rhythms, and imagery.

Congratulations, Karl. Your story will be featured as tomorrow’s HumpDay Quickie!

That’s it for this winner’s edition. Be sure to tune in next week when Image Ronin returns to judge your photo-inspired flash fiction.


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