Round 13: Winners

Posted: April 1, 2014 in Winners
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Hello again, friends.

Well. I’m just glad I’m able to farm this responsibility out to the lot of you on a regular basis, because judging is a tough gig. Almost as hard as writing… Almost! Once again I was impressed by the quality and the variety of stories submitted this week, but two of them really stuck with me and it became an almost impossible task trying to sort out which I liked best. But we’ll get to those in a moment.

First – my honorable mentions.

HM: Stella – The maneki-neko. The thing I really liked about this story is how relatable the little glass luck-kitty was. I can’t count the number of times I’ve felt like I’m responsible for the whims of everyone and everything, ignoring that little whispering voice until it’s too late. Fortunately I’ve yet to turn a restaurant into a smoldering crater, but you never know… I’m still young.

HM: ShakesWe Make Our Own Luck. There were several stories of revenge or reversal of fortune this week, but the deliberateness of Timmy Boy’s actions against his self-described good luck charm made me smile. Should Shakes and I ever find ourselves in a quaint little sushi restaurant, I think I’ll stick to the cooked stuff.

Runner-Up: TinMan – In Your Face. This had me giggling so hard I almost couldn’t stop. I absolutely LOVE the idea of adolescent males paying tribute to a cat idol in an attempt to accelerate their development of facial hair – and all of them failing. It didn’t hurt that this piece was set in my home state, either.

Tinman’s story was neck and neck with my top pick for this week. A story that takes a big idea and takes a subtle approach.

This week’s FLASH MASTER is…



Image Ronin

with: Cause and Effect

Who among us hasn’t dreamed about being able to travel back in time, if only to change something in our own timeline. Invest in a stock. Avoid a crazy ex. Take a left at Albuquerque instead of heading right down the path to ultimate doom. I know I have, but I’ve never taken the time to consider what exactly I would need to do to change the desired outcomes. My pre-planning analysis is lacking. These guys have it down to a science and I love it… Also, I am a sucker for any story with a killer virus in it. And if it leads to the end of humanity, all the better. But my favorite thing about this story was that something as mundane as a greasy restaurant ornament is the root cause of humanity’s extinction.  But I have to wonder, if the apocalypse can be broken down into something as simple as: Cat, Bus, Song, Virus, can’t these minutia-men could perform a root-cause analysis and swipe something seemingly inconsequential and thwart Hitler after all?

Thank you again to everybody who submitted, and congratulations Image Ronin on your second win! Your story will be posted tomorrow as the HumpDay Quickie and you winner’s page will be updated to reflect your shiny new triumph! Next week, Jaime Burchardt will be back to guest judge for us. Hope to see you all there. 🙂


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