HumpDay Quickie #11

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Hump-Day Quickies
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The Weight

by stellakateT

The monkey had always sat on my left shoulder. Sometimes it was felt light and I forgot about it and other times it was like a huge burden weighing me down like a black dog. Today was different. No soft fur running through my fingers. No soft chattering in my ear. No grooming of my hair looking for lice. Not that I’ve ever had lice but it was pretty comforting to know if I did it would be nipped in the bud. I’d always been proud of my tumbling auburn hair with its corkscrew curls. The monkey had the same colouring and blended in well. That’s why no one else noticed it entwined around my neck. Even when I went to bed with Leon he didn’t seem to observe it sitting on the end of the bed watching us with its beady little eyes. It would look at me and sometimes bare its teeth in a grimace. I was never sure whether it was a smile or an expression of contempt.

Last night Leon had taken me to a posh restaurant, got down on one knee and proposed to me. The whole place had erupted in applause when I said yes. I thought I was going to burst with happiness. Maybe that’s why the monkey had left me. I felt bereft. I drew the curtains back, letting the early morning sunlight fill the room. Across the road the monkey, my monkey was dancing on the top of a lamp post holding a broken arrow, reminding me of Eros. I tapped the window trying to get its attention. Pointing a long finger at me, it continued its wild dance. I turned back into the room. Leon lay sprawled on the bed, red stains seeping on the Egyptian fine cotton sheets. Stab wounds all over his body. I went to scream but felt a little hand covering my mouth. Its touch soothed me, the nausea subsiding. Cleansed by the power shower, I dressed in my green taffeta dress that Leon said matched my eyes. Packed my belongings and called a cab. It was good to feel the weight back on my shoulder.


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