Round 11: Winners

Posted: March 18, 2014 in Winners
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I was worried last Sunday morning that my role was going to be redundant, but by closing time we’d had seven brilliant entries from seven wonderful writers. We got apotropaism ( I looked it up), simian rebellion, mind monkeys, dehumanisation, despair, delusion and a new urban legend.

So, pretty much up my street!

All wonderful and all worthy of further comment.

Some of us joked on twitter about having joint winners, and that would have really helped! I have since read the rules carefully, and as Connor Macleod would say: ‘There can be only one!’

So here goes. I chose 1 runner up and one winner. It’s all subjective but I felt that these two stood out. It was neck and neck for ages.I love the way that they take two wildly different journeys with the prompt but end at the same destination!

Runner Up – Vermillion by Jacki Donnellan (@Donnellanjacki)

Jacki wasn’t even going to submit this! The story is as vivid and rich as its title would suggest. We’re hooked by the peculiar first line, then taken on that nightmare journey home. Incongruent colours and imagined demons follow us in our race against time. A race that we’ll lose.

I loved the pace and empathy we have for Phil – until the last moments of the story that is. The language is bright, urgent and those last three lines are awesome.

And this week’s FLASH MASTER is…


Stella Turner (@stellakateT)

with The Weight

I always love Stella’s narrators and her style and tone work to brilliant effect in this piece. It feels disarmingly simple but packs a huge punch and, as in lots of her writing, tells a lot more story that the 360words first reveal.

A physical manifestation of the idiom, the ‘monkey on her shoulder’ isn’t always a burden. The lice grooming brings a lightness and laughter to the story.

By the time of the proposal and the monkey’s sudden departure we are beginning to hope for the best but sense all is not well.

The rather clever use of the broken arrow in the picture is what finally swung it for me. The metaphor works so well and the ending is just as I’d want it to be.

Loved it.

Thanks much to David Shakes for judging and Congratulations Stella on your second win! Your story will be posted tomorrow as the HumpDay Quickie and you winner’s page will be updated to reflect your shiny new triumph! Next week, another multiple time winner—Karl A Russell—will be back to judge for us. Hope to see you all there. 🙂


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