Round 9: Winners

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Winners
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As a reader, writer and creative writing teacher, this was a great experience for me! I am always in awe of and humbled by the talented writers surrounding me. I read each story out loud twice, then made my choice. And it was a tough one. My favorite stories are those that grab me with solid writing and a believable voice. I also want to be left thinking, sometimes even questioning.  I think my choices reflect what I look for as a reader and strive for in my own writing.  This was a tough prompt, so kudos to all.  I chose two honorable mentions and a Flash Master.


Honorable Mention:
David Shakes

Oh, this was a doozy.  It begins in a Garden of Eden of sorts, where the protagonist sits, welcoming the home’s newest family.  His tale isn’t a pretty one, though, as two of the cat’s nine lives have ended in human death.  I loved the voice of the narrator, it captures the nonchalance that I would expect should my cat ever start speaking aloud. Even as the sad and horrific details are offered, the cat’s voice remains stalwart; he is beyond reproach and that’s that.  Except he isn’t.  A tale of a devil who claims innocence, but the reader (at least this one) is left thinking “beware!”. What’s really in store for the newest inhabitants? It’s probably not going to end well.  Great take on the prompt with a little help from the Rolling Stones.

Honorable Mention:
Beth Deitchman

I’m a sucker for imagery-creates-mood, and this story delivered. The writing here was very strong. A depression era family is about to lose their farm, and the young protagonist and her feline companion are shooed away when the man in the dark car arrives. Along with her cat, the young girl spies on the conversation and is privy to some very adult circumstances. Meanwhile, the family’s feline provides the comfort the child needs. I was also left thinking about the steadiness of the animal world; the human world around them may be crumbling, but the simplicity of their daily routines do not waver.  The cat bathes, cuddles with the girl and purrs.  This, at the end of the day, is why we both love and envy our pets.

This week’s FLASH MASTER is…

with: “Cat’s Eyes”

This brilliant take on the Noah’s Ark story made me laugh, and being a cat owner, it certainly explained a lot. The cat is, or course, annoyed with everyone from Noah to the other humans to the other animals.  And why shouldn’t she be?  The humans have put them in tight quarters, leading to struggles with species relations, abominable cross-breeding and a whole lot of poo.  In the end, the cat is forced to swim; this final insult sends the feline species on a trajectory of scorn toward humans for the rest of time.  I thought the writing here was clever.  A few lines reminded me of Woody Allen’s prose, specifically the line about Noah’s unwillingness to admit that he didn’t know what a cubit was and the line about the overpopulation of rabbits aboard the ark.  Loved the play on words in the last line.  Bravo! Well done.

Congratulations, TinMan! Your story will be featured tomorrow as the HumpDay Quickie. Please contact me here with any bio information, publications, links to personal sites, or any other information you would like to appear on your winner’s page.

Thanks all for your participation. Next week Flash Frenzy Round 7 winner, Jacki Donnellan will be our judge. Hope to see you then.

  1. Congrats to David, Beth and of course, Tinman. Nicely done.

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