HumpDay Quickie #8

Posted: February 26, 2014 in Hump-Day Quickies
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Interior Decorating

by: stellakateT

The gap in the roof, created when the corrugated panel had blown away in last month’s storm, made an excellent sky light. It had taken me months to stick the coloured pebbles around the metal edges. I’d found a ladder in the shed, climbed up higher than I’d ever been before. Fighting with the strong adhesive to stop my finger tips being glued to the pattern I was trying to make.

Oli laughed and said it looked ludicrous, Martha thought it was spiritual, I just needed something to do. This old factory had hidden gems. Some I wanted to find, others I didn’t. I remembered the day I opened a locker with the name Stan Smith on it and found a corpse. I presumed it was Stan hiding from Armageddon. I still wonder how a big man like him managed to fit into a small space like that. Not that I was familiar with Stan but on the notice board were fading photos of key workers. Stan was the Health and Safety Officer. I wondered how he felt when all his training hadn’t prepared him for any of this, betrayed, disillusioned. Not that it mattered anymore.

I found an old calendar, one of those that showed topless girls. Most factory managers banned them from being put on show, political correctness. This one was hidden in a drawer. Oli thought Miss May was a bit of alright. I just wondered if she had survived or was with Stan in the ether.

The sun cast small squat shadows around my scrawny body. Martha and Oli had been gone for ages. Hope it was food foraging and not enjoying each other’s bodies. Oli keep sprouting about the continuation of the human race. He was stupid; Martha and I were infertile, well until our periods returned. Not the best specimens to restock the world. I laughed out loud, for a fleeting moment I thought about LOL, text speak for what I’d just been doing. God I missed Twitter and Facebook. Then I remembered there was no God. He’d left us long ago. Gone fishing, probably, like my Dad always did in a crisis.


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