HumpDay Quickie #6

Posted: February 12, 2014 in Hump-Day Quickies
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By: Karl A Russell

Beatriz slept fitfully, folded into the cramped crawlspace beneath the stands. Local bands practised throughout the night, endless drumming reverberating through her dreams, becoming the sounds of marching feet and crushing blows. She wept in her sleep.

Eventually she stopped trying and sat smoking her last cigarettes, watching the judging platform appear through the grey dawn. It was hung with banners and flags, enforced gaiety failing to hide the bulletproof glass, but still, it made her happy. She was here.

On the way to the city she had seen her true face slowly emerge through the stranger’s skin. She had taken her name from the faded Carnaval magazine the stranger had kept hidden beneath his bed, then lost herself in the squalor and noise, always running from the policia. She had spent her last dollar on forged papers, and now she was inside. Soon these stands would be filled and the president would take to the platform to welcome the procession and to crown the queen, A Rainha Da Carnaval.

The day crawled by and she daydreamed, listening to the TV crews, wondering if Mami and Papi would recognise her on screen, or if they would even care; They had made it clear what they thought of her.

Finally, the square became a miniature city, a million people crowded above her, the drummers somehow louder even than this swarming mass. Beatriz peeped out at the floats and the dancers on the big screens, counting down the moments while the bass thudded in her chest. When the first band arrived, she swept from her hiding place, cast off her street rags and shook loose her feathers and danced.

The crowd roared and spat as the cameras zoomed in, but it meant nothing to her.

It didn’t matter who she had been or how much her kind were feared and hated.

It didn’t matter when the snipers confirmed her as a mutante and raised their rifles.

Beatriz was A Rainha Da Carnaval and she was beautiful.

As the president screamed the order and the snipers fired a samba volley she unfurled her perfect wings, showed her colours to the world, and flew.

  1. Lisa U says:

    You are a really beautiful writer. Fantastic!

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