Round 6: Winners

Posted: February 11, 2014 in Winners
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Great stories for one of my favorite photos. Thanks so much for taking the time to share you work with me. Round 4 winner, Image Ronin was the judge this week and this is what he had to say:

Well this was a tough task, the only silver lining being that judging this week meant I couldn’t enter, as the tales of remorse, redemption and revenge were far beyond anything I could have come up with. To pick three from the submitted entries was harder than I envisioned it would be, yet in the end one had to win, so here goes:

 Runner Up: Dr Magoo ‘Untitled’

The Doc’s tale of alien migrants, the lamentation of opportunity for indigenous folk, rituals and traditions, was richly caught in the dialogue of our unknown narrator. The little interplays of perspective and dialogue, ‘hick goombah’ being a particular favorite, allowed me to dwell in the unspoken views and fears of our confidant. I found myself worrying about about her future and what had happened to the rest of the Waxman clan. An evocative exercise in world building that left me wanting to know just a little bit more … 

Runner Up: Stella ‘Feathers & Beads’

Stella’s lament to the graceless nature of consumerism and fame drew me into this tale, and I’m the first to admit that I adore a twisted ending, I found myself clapping with delight as the fat chicken waddled with poison daubed on the inside of her mask. A wonderfully public demise for someone who we are informed is determined to be the centre of attention. From avian noses to recruiting someone with “no sewing skills” we also gained an insight into the Machiavellian role of our narrator, whose biased perspective distorted our view of her nemesis. At the end of the tale I still couldn’t decide if the narration was that of a marginalized and exploited worker, or the paranoid rage of a sociopath.

This week’s winner and FLASH MASTER is…


Karl A Russell


 I have a soft spot for dystopian tales, primarily due to being a working class kid raised in the shadows of Thatcherism. From the outset of this tale, I was intrigued. The conflict between pageantry and bullet proof glass evoked a reality too close to our own. I found myself wanting to know more, who was the stranger, what was the girl about to do? Assassin? Suicide bomber? The deft shift into themes of discrimination and alienation to motivate our narrator got the X-Men fan boy in me clapping. With parallels to the recent events in Russia, over sexuality and the Olympics, also coming to the fore. Yet it was the final line, emboldened with defiance, beauty and hope, that is still stuck in my mind as I write this entry. An elegant inversion of the Phoenix mythology, offering not resurrection but creation, a moment in which the actions of an individual today can, hopefully, lead to a better world tomorrow.

Thanks everybody for participating this week.  Make sure to check in tomorrow for the HumpDay Quickie and on Saturday when four-time Flash Master, Karl A Russel will be acting as our guest judge.


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