HumpDay Quickie #4

Posted: January 29, 2014 in Hump-Day Quickies
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The Gardener

by: Image Ronin

Max breathed in deep as he left the manor and walked down the gravel stone towards the ornamental garden, pruning shears in hand. This time of year was perfection in his opinion, the garden bearing proof of spring’s transformative powers, creating life within a once wintery wasteland. Colour and energy erupted everywhere, testament to his Mother’s management of the gardening staff.

His lungs filled with fragrant air as he wandered down past ornamental bushes and the apple tree planted in his sister’s memory. Blossom and pollen combining into a heady mix that filled his senses. He felt safe in the garden, the voices that plagued him throughout his adolescence silenced. His mother had been delighted when he had confessed how the garden made him feel, offering him any part of it to claim as his own. The shears flicked out, pruning a rebellious bay tree. He crushed the leaf within his fingers, sniffing at the scent.

A bird called out, a cuckoo, mocking parental victims. He had chosen the rose garden, his favourite place, rich luscious petals bordering on four sides, surrounded by a white fence that thick green ivy clambered over. In each corner ancient cupids rested upon pedestals, the illusion of their youth betrayed by the rich green moss that clung to their skin. In the centre stood a fountain, taller than him, launching thick jets of white water into the sky, yet today he was pleased to see the spray was absent; the gardeners had set everything up for him.

She had blond hair that was pleasing, her lips he couldn’t tell, the gag over her mouth hid such features. The obvious panic in her blue eyes though caused excitement to rise up within him. He meandered, trying to appear nonchalant, stroking the shears over a cupid’s face. The movement making his victim even more agitated, thrashing against the ropes that bound her arms behind the fountain.

He snipped a red flower, breathing deep the fragrance, dropping the rose into the water around her feet.

“Oh sister, I miss you so much”, he whispered in her ear.

Max began to prune.

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