Round 3 Winners

Posted: January 21, 2014 in Winners
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Wow! Money usually makes people happy, I was surprised at all of the dark (although I like dark) stories that were generated this week. Thank you everybody who participated, the success of this venture depends entirely on you and once again you delivered.

Our judge has chosen two runners-up this week: drmagoo and Tinman.

Drmagoo’s entry, Untitled, was a story of a woman pushed to the edge who finally decides to push back. The cash reward may have been small, but as many women can attest: fortunes aren’t always measured in dollars and cents.

Then again, sometimes fortunes are measured in dollars and cents, and in A Pocket Full of Rye, Tinman shows us an alternative version of a woman pushed to far. More lighthearted than our previous entry, this story gives us a glimpse into an alternate nursery rhyme reality.

And finally, with great pleasure I present to you this week’s winning entry and Flash Master



Michael’s Birthday

I’m not going to even pretend I didn’t almost cry at the end of this one. This was another story of a woman pushed to her limits, but in this case it is for all the right, heartbreaking reasons. As Judge Jaime said:  It’s the kind of story that paints a picture so vividly that you’ll swear it hits close to home, even if you haven’t been in that same situation.

Beautiful story, Karl, and much congratulations on your third consecutive win!

For Round 4, I, LadyHazmat, will be judging your entries. I hope you’ll all check in this weekend (and invite your friends!) for more photo prompts and wonderful flash fiction from around the globe. You guys rock!


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