Round 2: Winners

Posted: January 14, 2014 in Winners
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Thanks to everyone who participated this week, and extra special dragon-glitter thanks to Rebekah for volunteering her time to judge all these great stories. Here’s what she had to say:

Thanks, everyone, for totally creeping my socks off. Remind me to let NONE of you near any of my electrical systems (with the possible exception of Jeff Martin)! It was a freakish romp reading through your stories; thank you for showing up this week & helping kick off this fantastic new contest in such melodramatic style. 

Here are our week two winners!!

Runner up: Jeffrey Hollar. “Security Conscience” is a story of terrifying understatement, especially apropos in our modern era of the NSA. The protagonist’s resigned regret is masterfully painted in muted tones which are in direct opposition to the horrible, dramatic act he is about to perform. There is an electrifying tension here, but it simmers just beneath the surface, and the storyteller keeps every sentence under tight control. Really great work.

This Week’s Flash Master is….


Karl A Russell

with his story: Bernie Blows a Fuse

love unreliable narrators in a story, and “Bernie Blows a Fuse” weaves one in to great effect. In this story Karl pulls off a sophisticated layering of the superficial (what we are told is going on) with the real (what is actually going on), and he does so while establishing the character’s clear voice and keeping the story moving forward at breakneck speed. It’s one compelling, raucous (what fantastically noisy details!), angry, psychotic ride. Awesome job.

Congratulations, Karl! Your story will be featured tomorrow as the HumpDay Quickie. Your winner’s page (updated tomorrow) can be viewed here.

Again, thanks to everybody who participated last weekend, I hope to see you again for Round 3. This weekend show Judge Jaime Burchardt what you’ve got, and give two-time champ, Karl, a run for his money!

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