Hump Day Quickie #1

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Hump-Day Quickies
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My Soda Keep

By: Karl A Russell

Maisie didn’t mind being left on her own again; it meant that she could have another funeral.
She climbed down the porch steps, doll clutched under one arm, a wilting violet in one chubby hand. She navigated the final step carefully, turning to face the back door, lowering her short legs and stretching her bare toes till they met the dirt, then made her way across the tiny graveyard with equal care. The security lights glimmered on the broken bottles, making them easy to avoid, but the needles were harder to spot and Momma was too busy with one of her men to help if she caught her foot.

There were tiny graves everywhere. Several goldfish and gerbils had been buried here, with the promise of a better place waiting. Mrs Klassner called it Heaven. Momma said it was just sleep, long and cold, but still better. Maisie wasn’t sure about Heaven, but she liked sleep, so when there were no more pets, she sent on her broken toys. They were nothing special anyway, just other people’s trash, so she didn’t cry anymore if Barbie’s leg broke or Loop Skywalker lost his head. She just reached for her little spade and laid them down.

Now she stood under the stunted tree, by the fresh turned earth, and prayed.

“Now I lemmy down aseep, I praya lot my soda keep. If I shut-eye before awake, I praya lot my soda take. Amen”

Opening her eyes, she looked at the doll and the pathetic violet, trying to decide. The doll was a nice one, with all its arms and legs, and she would like to keep it and play with it for all the days, but she knew that it was wrong; Momma always said she had to share with Little Bobby. She had already taken good care of him when he stuck his toe, and he wouldn’t really want the flower. She tossed it aside and carefully sat the doll on the burial mound.

“Seep now Bobby. Love you.”

Then she skipped back to sit on the porch steps, waiting to show Momma what a good job she’d done.

  1. This was amazing. So dark. Brilliant

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