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Posted: December 28, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The new year is almost here, and with it the Flash Frenzy Kick-off! Next Saturday will be the first official Flash Frenzy Challenge, and David Shakes, akaTheShakes72, will be acting as our inaugural judge.

While we wait (im?)patiently, like our friend in the photo below, lets take a few minutes to revert to the first day of grade school and play getting-to-know-you.

In the comments, tell us your name/handle and anything else you’d like to share. What genre do you write? Do you have a blog or a book? Link it here! Tag your friends! Shout-out to other writers! Shout-out to photographers! (Look at all the exclamation points! I’m pretty excited! )

Can’t wait till next week? Feel free to post a story about the photo below – no judge, no rules. 😀

So let’s get to it and make The Angry Hourglass a great place for creative people to share and comment on each others work.


photo by Ashwin Rao

photo by Ashwin Rao

  1. Hi. My name is Patrick Stahl. I go by @patrickjstahl on Twitter. I write many genres, the foremost being fantasy (mostly flash fiction). You can find two of my horror flash fics at and many other flash fics (among other things) at my blog, I look forward to this contest.

  2. Tinman says:

    My name is Tinman and I live in Ireland. I mostly write humour (hopefully) on my blog Worth Doing Badly ( I enjoy these challenges and I’m looking forward to yours.
    I hope it goes really well for you, and most of all that you enjoy hosting it.

  3. Hi I’m Stella aka stellakateT on twitter. Had a couple, well three flash fiction stories published in anthologies and long listed in competitions. I like writing from prompts especially photos and my biggest fault is I don’t edit enough 🙂

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